3 Types Of Toxic Men To Avoid At All Costs

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Abusive relationship

Once you’ve done your research about how to get a guy, it’s common to want to put all that you’ve learned into action. However, you must be careful! Below are three types of guys that you should stay clear of while in the dating scene. Sadly, these types of men are often glamorized; making them seem like viable options, but they should be avoided.

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Here are 3 type of toxic men you should avoid at all costs:

1. The “violent” guy

No one believes that they will ever be in an abusive relationship, but it happens. These kinds of guys have a way of creeping up on you. They may seem perfectly calm and then are suddenly physically or verbally abusive in their behavior. There’s no excuse for his behavior. It starts subtly so that you will brush it off. He also gets jealous easily. When he feels intimidated by his partner, he will undermine your sense of worth to gain control. Guys who may be violent are usually control freaks and are more likely to flip out about something seemingly insignificant.



Another version of this guy is the dark and quietly violent type. He doesn’t follow society’s rules. He cuts in line, drives fast, or makes inappropriate comments. He feels superior to everyone else and acts like he’s entitled to anything he wants. These are the guys romanticized in the movies. Perfect example...Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Although outwardly he's an out-of-control jerk, we're supposed to believe he's just a quiet and deeply troubled man, who just needs the love of a good woman to fix his life.

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2. The “ladies man"

Unfortunately, these men see dating as a sport. He brags about his escapades and prowls for more. Just one woman, no matter how incredible she may be, never satisfies his appetite. If you’re looking for a one-night stand; he’s your guy. Most commonly called a player, he is very good with women. He will treat them very well all while dating more than one at a time. Of course, catching him in action with another woman does not affect him. Therefore, slashing his tires will only bring satisfaction for a short while. Before you know it, he’ll be back in the game once more. Men like this usually have wondering eyes and can be sometimes hard to get in touch with by phone. But more importantly, they will most likely honestly tell you of their dislikes about relationships.



Once again, women are often lured into thinking these men just need to meet the right woman, who will settle them down. Although this might be true for some, do you want to take the chance of just being another pawn in his game?

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3. The “fake”

Sadly, no matter how many times you go out, you will never get to know this guy. He has many secrets and lives many lives. This guy is likely to travel often and have a solid justification for every misunderstanding that you may have. More than likely you will never meet his family or any of his friends.

Although a little mystery can be sexy, too much mystery should send up a field of red flags. If you ask him a direct question, and he refuses to give you a straight answer, you should consider that a clear sign that this is not a guy you should be with. They tend to be drifters and will use you and your resources until he’s on to the next life. These men are habitual liars and have no remorse for their victims. Stay away!

Be careful ladies. These men are out there waiting for their chance with someone like you! Don’t be a victim.

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Devon Brown is a dating and relationship coach who has been featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, World Internet Summit, Mastermind, and more.