15 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing From Men They Reject

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When it comes to dating, there are very few things that can be as awkward and painful to deal with as a man who’s showing interest in a girl who isn’t interested in them.

That being said, there are some things guys say that are like nails on a chalkboard to women.

Here are some of the worst things guys say to women after rejection.

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Here are 15 things women are tired of hearing from the men they reject:

1. “You know what your problem is? You dated too many jerks, and now you can’t tell the difference when you meet a really nice guy.”

Yep. This had to be on there. Because guys get salty and because they think that they are automatically better than any other guy she may choose, they have to lecture her on how her taste in men is wrong. Sorry, guys, the heart wants what it wants. Also, if you have to say you’re a nice guy, you’re probably a d*ck.

2. “But why?”

We do not need a reason to reject a guy aside from not feeling a good vibe. Stop asking us to justify a rejection. No one is owed an explanation and asking for one just makes you a d-bag.

3. “Figures. Women like you only want guys with cash/a six-pack...”

Uh, yeah, no. Guys don’t get a pass at calling women shallow or stupid or selfish just because they can’t get with them. Guys are just as shallow as girls are, so don’t act like you’re better.

4. “Pfft. I didn’t like you anyway.”

Then why did you ask us out? Seriously, you just got rejected and you’re so sour that you think it’s appropriate to lash out at women? What kind of pathetic excuse for a man are you? Moreover, what would your mom and other female friends say if they found that out?

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5. “You never know what’ll happen in the future... don’t say no just yet!”

This sounds charming, but yes, most girls DO know what will happen in the future. It will just so happen that they will stop talking to you because you’re a jerk who doesn’t take no for an answer.

6. “Eventually, you’re gonna be all alone...”

Yes, some guys want to give us a warning that when women turn 30, they’re no longer desirable. It’s sad. And we’re over dealing with guys who think that it’s OK to be a girl’s desperation option or to be manipulative that way.

7. “Then let’s just be friends... with benefits!”

No. This never works. If women don’t want a relationship with you, they don’t want to sleep with you. You would know if they wanted to go at it with you, but they don’t. So there.

8. “Fine. Be stuck up. Prude.”

Once again, sour grapes aren’t exactly sexy, and it doesn’t really make women feel like they are missing out on your awesome skills at pleasing a lady. In fact, this kind of behavior comes off as rapey and it’s way uncool.

9. “Screw/eff you!”

No lie, the fact that this even happens to people sickens me. At what point did it become OK to start screaming obscenities at women? Who in their right mind would do this and expect a good outcome?

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10. “Well fine, but I’m just going to tell you that I won’t be there to cry to if your next boyfriend beats you.”

How is this even acceptable in anyone’s mind? So, like, if a girl rejects a guy, she deserves to be a victim of domestic violence? Is this really what men think is OK? If anything, stuff like this is what made me swear off ever having a serious relationship ever again.

11. “You know, I’m just saying. I brought you flowers and did all these nice things...”

Yes, because guilting a woman into a relationship is totally sexy. It’s not like it sounds desperate or anything, right? It’s not like it sets the tone for an emotionally abusive relationship, right? It’s not like it basically insinuates that she’s basically a cheap prostitute that stiffed you on her end of the deal, right?

12. “But it’s not fair! Can’t you give me just one single chance?”

Look. Life isn’t fair. You would probably not give the girl a chance if she was butt ugly, either. Stop expecting life to be in easy mode. Life isn’t like that and there is a chance that you will end up alone, especially if you behave this way and think it’s OK.

13. “You know, I would be the best boyfriend you ever had. You just missed out.”

Oh, wait, what? Guys who say this is basically saying that women are too stupid to make their own decisions. Clearly, Mr. Einstein knows you better than you know yourself. 

14. “You led me on.”

Without fail, every time I have heard a guy say this, it’s because the poor woman they asked out was just being polite or friendly to them. Saying this just makes you a skeevy person and shows you’re not below coercive language to get your way.

15. “Can I at least get a hug?”

Really? You’re so whiny that you feel like we owe you a consolation prize? Get bent.

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