11 Texts That Turn Men Off (Consistently)

Pu the phone down.

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Texting can make or break your ability to keep a guy interested, especially in the beginning parts of a relationship.

A good text game can make a guy intrigued, or at least make sure that the relationship continues to grow as smoothly as it can. 

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On the other hand, being bad at texting is a great way to make sure you seem unstable, clingy, or otherwise unattractive. 


Ever wonder about the texts that turn men off? These are the biggest offenders you can have.

Here are 11 texts that turn men off consistently:

1. “Look, I’m desperate. Please, I’m just begging you to go on a date with me.”

It doesn’t matter how badly you want a guy — any guy — to date you. If you have to resort to begging him for a date, it will not bode well for you. I’ve been there, done that, and bought the entire t-shirt franchise. S***. Does. Not. Fly. If anything, this will bolster your rep for being crazy-clingy-desperate, which never turns any guy on.


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2. “My cat died.”

Just like girls don’t get turned on by guys who are not faring well in life, guys don’t find women facing tragedy to be very appealing, either. If you are going through tough times, it’s better to just stay quiet.


One of the biggest fears men have is hooking up with a crazy girl. Don’t act crazy via text if it's unwarranted.

4. “I’m really, really drunk, and I just puked.”

Any time you drunk text a dude and let out dirty laundry, you’re basically making sure he knows that you might not be in the best of shape for a relationship or a hookup. It’s not sexy, and it’s one of the universal texts that turn men off.


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5. “Do you think my ex wants to get back with me yet?”

The one biggest turn-off a man can have when texting a girl is hearing about how much she likes some other guy. So, unless you’re trying to make him get uninterested, you’ll keep your mouth shut about how much you miss your ex.

6. “I’m so fat.”

Ladies, I understand how anti-body-positivity our society is. Believe me, I have more issues than Time Magazine when it comes to that department. However, that doesn’t mean that we have the license to talk about how much we hate our bodies with guys we’re interested in.

The best outcome is that you’ll look like you’re fishing for compliments. The worst outcome is that they will lose interest immediately because of how big a turn-off insecurity is.


7. “Ugh, you’re never talking to me when I need you to. You’re so useless.”

Insults are not sexy. Ladies should know this due to the “negging” phenomenon that’s been promoted by so many Red Pill users and shoddy pickup artists. If it would turn you off, then it will turn him off, too.

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8. “Why didn’t you respond in time?”

Women of all people should know how unattractive being impatient about text replies can be. It looks clingy, needy, and just downright psycho at times. He might be busy taking a walk, hitting the gym, or doing something else.

Relax and let him get back to you on his own time — and flirt with other guys in the meanwhile, if you’re single.


9. “Ok, cool.”

Two or three-word replies are a serious indicator that you’re disinterested — at least, in guys’ eyes. If you never really respond much to his texts, he will get turned off and will eventually end up looking elsewhere for his interests.

10. “Lolz, lyk, u kno wut I meanz?”

Spelling and grammar say a lot about a person’s intelligence and believe it or not, most guys find intelligence sexy. If you text like a middle schooler, you’re not doing yourself a favor, especially if you want a long-term relationship with him.

11. No text at all

Oof. Guys hate having girls ghost them. And why won’t they? It hurts! That being said, not texting back ever again is a surefire way to get a guy to get turned off by you... or at least, get the hint. 


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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.