The Simplest Way To Tell She's Not Into You

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woman rejecting man at bar

Guys can be just as clueless as women when it comes to reading the signs, especially since women have their own set of subtle brush-off techniques.

After countless boring dates and awkward interactions, we've decided to let you studs in on our secrets.

We've cut through the BS and compiled the signs that she's just not that into you. 

Here are 10 ways to tell when she's just not that into you:

1. Message without a message

You call her, you leave a voicemail, and she doesn't text you back. If she really wanted to reach out and keep in touch with someone, she would have rung you. This is a big one, and probably a more kinder way for a woman to tell you she's not interested. Who wants to read a text about all the reasons someone doesn't want to date you?

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2. Conflict of interests

Sure, everyone has a busy schedule, but it's the quality of the excuse that counts. If it's, "I have to clean my apartment," she doesn't want to get dirty with you. No one is busier than someone who doesn't want to spend time with you.

3. Private eyes

Whether you're having dinner for two or getting down on the dance floor, if she's not looking at you, she's not looking for you.

4. Please

You're generous in the sack. She doesn't return the favor. That's the only clue you need. All she sees in you is something to sleep with, and that's fine if it's something you want to. But you can't sleep with someone into loving you.

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5. Easy access

At a party, if she's talking to Joe Schmo and Wendy Whatsherface more than she's chatting with you, you're nothing special to her.

6. Rider's block

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get her to give you the time of day. If you have plans, and she invites other people along, it's time to say bye-bye. You didn't sign up for a group date with her friend Betty who's really into sculpting lately and makes sure everyone around her knows.

7. Friend indeed

She tells you what her friends think about you — and it's not all good. This level of regurgitation is TMI and intended to drive you out the door.

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8. Cuddle monster

She has sex with you, but that's it. She's using you. Say adios—unless that's all you want, too.

9. Multiple choice

If she so much as mentions other sexy guys, you have to forget her—because she won't forget about them. 

10. Dressed to kill

From lipstick to low-cut tops, if she never uses any of the tricks of the lady trade to look her best for you, she doesn't think you're worth her effort.

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