8 Relationship Problems Way Worse Than Cheating

Cheating usually stems from something else.

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Deceiving the person you are supposed to be in love with is a vital error, which reveals other serious problems between the partners. More often than not cheating comes as the last of the storm clouds of disappointment that have been gathering above the couple for a long time.

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There are other serious issues — different than cheating — which are as catastrophic and might be reasons for a breakup.


Below are 8 relationship problems way worse than cheating:

1. Love is not in the air anymore

In the beginning, people look at each other through rose-colored glasses. But as time goes by, either because we get used to the partner or we start seeing their flaws, the magic of love begins to fade away… So, if you realize that the spark of your love is gone and you don’t feel like showing affection, you’ve got a problem and it’s time to talk about it.

2. Accumulating negativity

Bad character traits or inappropriate behavior might result in building up anger towards the partner. If your loved one makes you feel uncomfortable, you really must discuss it with them. Otherwise, sooner or later all the negative emotions you’ve been bottling up will break loose and you’ll have to face a situation much more serious than a heavy conversation.


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3. Making a mountain out of a molehill

Problems are inevitable in a relationship but we have to know which are the important ones. While criticizing the partner for spending unwisely is reasonable, constant bickering about not putting the toilet seat down is annoying. Strong relationships are based on mutual compromises and making a fuss about nothing might become an issue, since it means you can’t accept your partner the way they are.

4. Jealousy

This gut rock feelin’ I get inside and I blame you but it’s really me / It’s my foolish Insecurity … these lines from the evergreen “Jealousy” by Frankie Miller say it all. Jealousy is a negative feeling that makes us blame loved ones due to our own inner fears. It’s a serious problem many couples face. What a jealous partner needs to learn is to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

5. Lack of communication

Controlling our emotions is important but expressing them is crucial. If we can’t share our most intimate thoughts with our loved ones, the relationship is not on the right track. Actually, the lack of communication is a common problem, and not only because one of the partners is not into talking. Living a busy life may also seriously affect how often the partners discuss things together.


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6. Manipulative behavior

It helps impose control over another person and is usually done subtly in order to mislead the one who is being manipulated. If your partner is showing such behavior, it’s high time to decide whether you should be with somebody who wants you in their control.

7. Fear of loneliness

This is one of our deepest fears and also a good excuse for some people to stay with a partner they no longer love. But not letting go of the person we cherish no more is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we are maintaining a relationship that leads to a dead-end street, while on the other hand, we are losing precious time to find a better partner.

8. Lies

Although white lies are considered innocuous and even healthy for the relationship, if said to spare the partner’s feelings, lying is bad in general. Successful relationships are based on trust and if you find yourself lying to your partner often and for serious things, you have a trust problem and need to resolve it fast.


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Maria Hakki is a writer who focuses on relationships and marriage.