Grieving Son Catches Mom's Ex-Husband Urinating On Her Grave While His Second Wife Watches

He still holds a grudge after 48 years.

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A man who has been holding a grudge against his late-ex wife refuses to let go — even five years after her death. 

After growing suspicious, the woman's children set up hidden cameras that caught the man — who was briefly married to their mother in the 1970s — in the act.

Hidden cameras caught the man urinating on his ex-wife's grave.

43-year-old Michael Murphy, pictured above, and his sister often visit their late mother Linda Louise Torello's resting site in a cemetery at Tappan Reformed Church in Orangetown, New York. Torello succumbed to cancer at age 66 in 2017. 


In April, the siblings discovered a bag of feces left on their mother’s grave. They assumed that it was mistakenly left behind by a dog walker. 

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However, it happened a second time. This time, Murphy and his sister called the police, who took a report. 

Additionally, they obtained permission from the cemetery manager to install hidden cameras in the trees surrounding Torello’s grave to discover who exactly was behind the desecrations. 

What the cameras captured was shocking. The footage depicted Torello’s ex-husband, whom she divorced in 1974, approaching Torello’s grave before proceeding to urinate on it. 


Torello and her ex-husband had allegedly not been in contact since 1976. 

Although the footage was reportedly too grainy and unclear to bring to the police, the siblings ventured to the cemetery at five am, where Murphy propped up his phone near his mother’s grave to obtain clear images of the culprit. 

Just after 6 am, the man arrived with his current wife in a car. He got out of the vehicle and urinated on Torello’s grave to the horror of her children. 


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“I was shaking while I was hiding. My sister was crying…I was so sick I was so angry,” Murphy told the Daily Voice

Murphy shared the disturbing footage on his Facebook page. "THIS IS BREAKING MY HEART,” he captioned it. "A man from Bergen county New Jersey has been leaving bags of poo and p----g on my mother's tombstone almost every morning like a 'normal routine' assisted by his wife also.” 

"How he found my mother's grave site we are not sure. But this stems back to a problem almost 50 years ago. Pray for us thank you and please share this!!!" 


Murphy claims that he has gone to the police several times, however, they refuse to allow him to speak with a detective. 

He hopes to bring the incident to a Judge. In the state of New York, grave desecration is only considered a crime when damages exceed $250. 

Murphy believes the damage inflicted by the man to his mother’s grave well exceeds that amount, considering he paid a hazmat company to remove all of the grave decorations that are soaked in urine and had the headstone properly cleaned. 

He also had some of the grass surrounding the grave ripped up and replaced, as well as additional permit costs to allow the companies into the cemetery. 


The man has not yet been charged. The family believes that he still holds resentment against his late-ex wife after she became pregnant in their marriage and the man allegedly wanted nothing to do with the child. 

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