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Mother Of 9-Year-Old Boy Killed By His Own School Bus Speaks Out About Her 'Never-Ending Nightmare'

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Mother in nightmare after sons tragic passing

The mother of a nine-year-old Florida boy killed in a traffic accident has spoken out about the "never-ending nightmare" she is suffering after losing her child. 

Her son was killed by his own school bus shortly after getting off at his stop. 

The exact details of the accident that resulted in nine-year-old Elyas Marshall-Rodriguez's death have not yet been determined. What is known is that, after school, Marshall-Rodriguez got off his school bus as usual, then ran back to the bus, crawling beneath it just as it began to move again.

According to Orange County, Florida authorities, one of the bus's rear tires then "collided" with the boy, killing him. Authorities are still investigating the incident.

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The young boy was a cancer survivor, and his mother has called his death a heartbreaking 'nightmare.'

Marshall-Rodriguez did not have an easy life. In a TikTok video composed of photos of his struggle, his mother, Ultra Marshall, shared that he was diagnosed with leukemia at just age three. After a lengthy battle with the disease, Marshall-Rodriguez came out on top and had been in remission for more than two years.



Now, his mother cannot believe that he has been taken from her after such a heartbreaking struggle.

In a series of TikTok videos, Marshall shared her feelings of anguish and anger at the tragic accident that happened to her son.



"This feels like a never-ending nightmare," she wrote, going on to speak of the way Elyas used to run in and jump on her in bed in the mornings. "Nothing will ever be the same."



In another, she wondered "What do I do with my thoughts? ... How do I live after this? ... He was my light and now he is gone." 

She also shared her shock and disbelief at the heartbreaking cruelty of the way her son's life unfolded and ended. "He beat cancer to be killed by his own school bus," Marshall wrote. "I don't understand this world."

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The community has shared in this mother's grief and has offered an outpouring of support to the family.

Marshall-Rodriguez's tragic death has resulted in an outpouring of grief from the surrounding community. A candlelight vigil was held in his honor, which more than 100 people attended.

Several of Marshall-Rodriguez's family members were there, as well as many of his classmates and his football team, many of whom shared the young boy's dream of playing professional sports. 

"I was walking by, and I just started to cry because I can't imagine what they're going through," a neighbor of the family, Zuleyma Cleaussell, told Orlando's Fox 35 when she saw the vigil. 

Marshall-Rodriguez's cousin Trenae Gayle gave Fox 35 a further glimpse into his mother's staggering grief. "There's nothing that can be done to take away what she's going through," Gayle said. "After the cameras leave, after the mourners leave, she will always have to deal with this pain. Her last born and her baby." 

Orange County authorities are still actively investigating the tragedy and have reviewed surveillance footage from both the bus itself and the surrounding area. They have also interviewed a witness. 

For now, Marshall-Rodriguez's local community is stepping up. A GoFundMe has been launched to assist the family with funeral and other expenses, and local businesses have reached out to help as well. 


Business owner Lydia Marouf put out a call to local merchants to step up and assist the family. "Before we are business owners, we are mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons," she said, "and now is the time to support this community and give back to them just as they have supported us."

This mom is undoubtedly in active grief and it's palpable, but with the support of her community, family, and friends, she can heal. There is no timeline for mourning, however, and although the pain will lessen the feeling of loss will remain. 

Hopefully, her memories and sharing the joy she experienced being his mom will offer her some peace in the midst of the unimaginable tragedy.

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