Man Wants A Divorce After His Wife Quits Her Job Out Of The Blue To Be A 'Tradwife'

It seems like they may have found some sort of reconciliation.

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The tradwife trend has been going strong for a while now. Some have envied this, wishing they could live that lifestyle themselves.

One woman found herself wanting to live that life so badly that she quit her job even though her husband didn’t approve.

A woman quit her job to become a tradwife even though her husband didn’t want her to.

A husband and father posted on Reddit looking for advice after his wife quit her job with no notice so she could be a tradwife.




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“Around a year ago, I noticed my wife increasingly sending me these tradwife or traditional housewife TikToks,” he said. “I have nothing against that type of relationship, but I don’t think it makes sense for our current family situation. I do earn … quite a bit more than my wife and enough to sustain our family on my own, but I don’t see the need to do so.”


He continued, “She got increasingly pushy about it over the past two months, and again, I just kept telling her that there wasn’t any need for that, and if we did decide to go down that route, what would she do during the hours my kids attended school? I know … our house doesn’t need to be cleaned for six hours a day.”

The husband thought this would all blow over, but it definitely didn’t. “I came home from work yesterday and saw a bunch of presents on the dining table,” he stated. “At first, I thought they were all for me since my birthday was in a week, but I then … saw the labels on them addressed to my wife.”



The man thought he was looking at some kind of “sick prank,” but he couldn’t deny the words he saw. “I read one of the letters attached to one of the presents. The last sentence on it was literally, ‘It was so a pleasure working alongside you, and I wish you all the best moving forward.’”


His wife had quit her job without telling him, and her only response was, “You’ll get over it.”

The man decided to stay at his parents’ house and told his wife he was considering getting a divorce

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After taking some time away, the man was able to reach back out to his wife.

He later wrote in an update to his original post, “Well, after spending a day at my parents’ house, eventually, I felt enough time had passed for me to gather my thoughts on everything. What she did seemed like the ultimate slap in the face, but I went back with the intention to resolve this.”


The husband stated why he felt betrayed and hurt by his wife’s actions. She shared her feelings as well. “She felt ignored by me constantly rejecting her proposal,” he said. “She had worked long enough, and this was finally the time for her to enjoy her life as a ‘true wife.’”



A few days later, the man’s wife had had enough. “To my surprise, she had a full-on mental breakdown. I just held her as she started apologizing for what she did,” he said. “She claimed she didn’t understand how much she hurt me.”

The man said his wife might finally be coming around to see his side. “I felt like things were finally moving in the right direction, and I again asked her about searching for a new job today. Instead of getting mad, she just replied, “I need to think about it.”


Not everyone is ready for tradwife life.

Being a tradwife involves far more than just being a stay-at-home mom. Tradwives are a cultural phenomenon and a lifestyle choice. 

Still, Very Well Family points out that having a stay-at-home parent will not be the right choice for every family. And really, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Ultimately, it's what works best for each couple, as long as they discuss the parameters of their relationship before making any drastic life changes.


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