How A Bride Planned A Fake Bachelor Party & Conned $15K Out Of Future Husband In Truly Insane Revenge Plot

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Allow me to introduce you to the lovely Rachel Doran, whose picture is likely in the dictionary under 'why guys still think girls are crazy'. 

This 29-year-old factory worker from England seemed to have it all. A solid job, friends, family, and a doting future husband who she was planning to marry in a $6,000 wedding in their hometown. Straight from a fairytale, right? 

Until Rachel heard that her fiancé, 27-year-old Chris Mahone, had cheated on her. 

Rather than just confront him about the rumor like a normal person, Rachel came up with her own juicy way of getting revenge. A plan that has been in the making for at least a year. 

Continuing on with the relationship like everything was normal, Rachel convinced her future hubby that she was just the best fiancé ever and wanted to plan his bachelor party for him and his pals.

Side note: In the United Kingdom they call bachelor parties "stag dos" and bachelorette parties "hen parties." So there's that. 

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And because she's just THE BEST, she arranged for the whole group to spend four days in Ibiza. Needless to say, he was stoked. To make it "easier" on Mahone, Rachel collected about $530 from each person in the group of 30 stoked men (Chris is obviously a popular guy) to fund the trip. 

But when they got to the airport on Sept. 7, they were told the tickets Rachel had printed for them were fake.

In complete denial — because honestly WHO DOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS — the men called the hotel Rachel had supposedly reserved for them only to be told again that there was no reservation. 

According to the groomsmen, Rachel had stolen about £13,000 (or over $15,000) from them in total and just disappeared. 

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“We contacted Rachel and she was adamant it was genuine," one of the friends said. "Then she offered to pay for flights there and then. After that, we couldn’t get hold of her. She just vanished.”

And though this story may have been able to capture the hearts of us women who have felt scorned enough to pull something like this, let me drop just one more bomb on you: Chris didn't cheat on her. 

Well, at least, his friends say he didn't. 

“It happened because she heard he’d cheated on her when he hadn’t. She must have been planning her revenge for months, maybe a year. She’s disgusting.”

After learning about what she did, Rachel's family basically disowned her, and she was believed to be hiding in a caravan park until police detained her on suspicion of fraud. Her own brother took to social media to publicly call his dear sister an "evil cow," and even Grandma can't help but talk some smack. 

“Her parents are just devastated, embarrassed, and disgusted — they won’t even come out the house," said 81-year-old Monica McKee. “We’ve all done everything for her and all she’s done is throw it back in our faces."

She said Rachel hasn't given the money back and even put in for a loan under McKee's name. 

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"The lad she was going with, he was a lovely lad. I wouldn’t have her back in my door, I wouldn’t have her back down my garden path.”

Not even down her garden path, Rachel. Consider that bridge burned. 

Thankfully this story does have a happy ending. Not for Rachel or Chris, but the poor groomsmen who just wanted to live it up for a long weekend. After realizing Ibiza wasn't happening and they were out some serious cash, they decided to make the best of a bad situation and take a trip anyway. 

"They offered us £150 return so we said 'f*** it, we're off to Magaluf,'" one of the friends said. "To be honest we haven't even booked a flight back. We're just drinking loads all day today. Chris is the nicest person in the world, I just can't believe it's happened to him." 

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And of course, they did what good friends do: turn your pal's horrible ex-fiancé into a meme. 

Well played groomsmen, well played. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on September 15, 2017.