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Terrible Details About The Woman Who Got Revenge On 'Romantic Rival' By Filming Her Getting Sexually Assaulted & Posting It On The Victim's Snapchat

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Beth Rae Harris, 36, was going through what a lot of women have gone through — she and a friend had a crush on the same guy. 

Harris argued with the 23-year-old last week at a party over a "mutual male acquaintance," but eventually cooled off and left the party together.

Instead of going home, they opted to go to a night club and hotel party. 

After quite a few drinks, the pair ended up back at Harris' apartment. The other woman, who was heavily intoxicated, passed out.

That's when she decided to get her revenge. 

Chicago Tribune

Harris let an unidentified man (or men) sexually assault the victim while she was passed out — and then she put it on the victim's Snapchat story. 

When the victim woke up, she told police she was completely naked and sore. As she was leaving the apartment, Harris told her a man had sex with her while she was passed out. 

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Once the victim got home, she saw that Harris had used her cell phone to post a video of the assault on her Snapchat story. In the video, the victim was laying naked as an unidentified man grabbed her butt and exposed her vagina to the camera. 

Apparently, Harris herself can be heard narrating the assault — and even tells the man at one point not to wake the victim. 

In another video posted on Snapchat, Harris records herself calling the victim names and claiming that the girl had slapped her. Several followers saw the video and identified Harris from a photo. 

The investigation is ongoing, and Harris is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail on a charge of non-consensual dissemination of sexual images. It's not known at this time if police know who the man (or men) in the video is. 

Harris works as a masseuse and a model and has three children. 

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