How You Get Revenge On Your Ex, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Revenge is a dish best served cold, right? Well not always — it really depends on your particular revenge style. To see how you get back at your ex after a heartbreaking split, look to your zodiac sign to find out the best way to deal.

I, personally, don’t think I could get revenge and not get caught – whether it was on an ex-boyfriend or an ex-best friend. I would either want them to know it was me, or I would try to be sneaky and just get busted in the process.

Of course, if I wanted them to know it was me, I would definitely be as petty as possible, which isn’t too hard for an Aquarius (see below).

But while I don’t condone some of the WORST types of revenge you can do to your ex – like slashing his tires – some types of revenge are totally satisfying, especially when it puts him in his place.

People get revenge on their exes for a lot of different reasons.

Maybe you caught him cheating on you, or even worse, maybe you caught him cheating on you with your best friend.

Not only does it totally suck to go through a nasty break up in the first place, but now having to deal with the knowledge that he was unfaithful to you (and with your BFF, no less) can be all too much.

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It’s times like these when it’s best to take a deep breath and try not to blow up or do something crazy.

When you go through a bad break up, it’s always better to be the more rational one who can handle her emotions like a pro. This might mean just stepping away from the situation for a few days or even trying to reason with your (now) ex-boyfriend, rather than start yelling right away.

Of course, revenge doesn’t usually happen with a clear head, so everything I just said pretty much goes out the window.

When you want to get revenge on your ex, you want to do it, like, NOW. Not tomorrow and definitely not next week. But even if you regret getting revenge on your ex later on – hopefully not while you’re being arrested or paying for the damage you did to his car – revenge is kind of like coping with a break up, if you think about it.

It can give you closure so that you can move on to someone who deserves you.

Plus, it’s always extra sweet when your ex sees you thriving like the BAMF you are and begs for you to come back to him. And it’s even sweeter when you get to tell him, “NOPE!” and go back to living your awesome life without him.

Whether you’re looking for a good revenge idea or you’re curious what astrology has to say about your revenge techniques, keep reading. Your horoscope might have more to say about how you get revenge on your ex than you think!

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

No one undermines Aries in a relationship and gets away with it – she’s an Aries, after all. If she’s planning revenge on her ex, then she 100% believes that he deserves it.

That said, she isn’t going to throw Molotov cocktails through his car windows or physically hurt him; she’s going to be much smarter than that.

One thing that is always true for Aries is that people can never embarrass her in public. So when it comes to getting revenge on her ex, she chooses to do something that he wouldn’t be able to do right back at her (because he knows it won’t work): public humiliation.

She gets to make him feel like a total fool and he has to endure it because he knows trying to humiliate her as revenge will NEVER work. Crafty. (Although, pretty cruel. Maybe not as good of an idea as you thought.)

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TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

taurus zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

If Taurus is thinking about revenge on an ex, it means she’s been hurt pretty damn bad. She tends to put her entire heart and soul into relationships, and if he has the nerve to break her heart, she’s gonna want to get revenge on him and break his heart, too.

But she also isn’t above being petty when it comes to revenge, so she tends to play dirty.

Her go-to method of revenge is catfishing her ex. This means creating a social media profile, getting him to flirt with her, and maybe some light stalking.

Her reasoning for this kind of revenge is to get him to fall in love with her so she can break his heart and leave him feeling broken.

Just remember, those people Nev meets on Catfish are REAL, so if things start getting too serious, don’t be surprised if he calls.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

gemini zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Gemini is a wild card when it comes to revenge and won’t hold back just because what she wants to do is illegal.

To Gemini, being in a relationships means putting her heart out on the line. So when she gets her heart broken, she feels vulnerable, unloved, and betrayed. Understand that these emotions are very “right now,” which means she will often get revenge first and think later.

Gemini wants to hurt her ex like he’s hurt her, so she’ll go after something he loves: his car (or anything similar).

Vandalism is a CRIME, yes, but if Gemini has the opportunity to go all Carrie Underwood on his ass, she’s going to take it. She’ll definitely feel satisfied afterwards, but this feeling might not last long, especially if her ex calls the cops on her.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

cancer zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Cancer knows that she’s a total catch, which means if she gets broken up with, she isn’t going to let her ex forget about her just like that.

She can also be pretty petty, and what’s pettier than marrying into the family? No, not really marrying into the family (although, if she does, good for her), but rather reminding her ex that she’s sticking around.

This means befriending his brother, dating his sister, becoming best friends with his mom… whatever she can do to keep herself firmly planted in his life – without actually being in his life – Cancer will do.

Not only will this mean that he is constantly thinking about her, but it also means that he can’t get rid of her. Which she finds totally satisfying.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

leo zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Leo is very popular and well-liked, which means she has a lot of influence over people. She likes to use this pull to her advantage when it comes to jobs or meeting new people, but she also likes to use it when it comes to getting revenge.

She tends to recycle revenge methods often (being a “tried and true” kind of girl), so don’t be surprised if you see her do the same thing to her ex-boyfriend and ex-BFF.

Because a lot of people tend to listen to her, Leo knows that spreading rumors about her ex is the best way to get revenge. Telling everyone that he has a third nipple, eats his boogers, or has a small you-know-what – it doesn’t really matter what she says.

As long as it’s embarrassing, people believe it, and it eventually gets back to him.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

virgo zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Virgo is probably the sign that cares the most about her relationships out of all the other signs. It isn’t that everyone else isn’t as invested in their relationships, but that Virgo takes pride in enjoying every little moment and quirk her significant other has.

Her ex knows this, too, and if he is willing to really make the break up hurt, he will tell Virgo that she wasn’t as important as she seemed.

This will obviously break her heart into a thousand tiny pieces, but she knows that she still has the upper hand. Usually when a guy says all of these nasty things to you after a break up, he’s trying to illicit a response out of you that will lead to trying to make it work, sleeping with him again, etc.

So Virgo’s best revenge is to move on, find someone new, and be genuinely happy with him. This is the biggest “f you” to an ex.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

libra zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Libra loves when things are fair, so when she has to face a less than fair break up, you can bet she isn’t too happy about it. Of course, when the break up is really nasty, Libra doesn’t see any way she can be cordial and nice anymore, so she moves past those feelings and heads straight for revenge.

In order to get away with it, Libra needs to be extremely sneaky until it’s too late for her ex to do anything.

Libra’s revenge specialty is spamming her ex’s social media accounts until he gets banned or suspended. This might mean posting really gross stuff on his Facebook wall or following spam bots on Twitter until he has to delete his account.

However she does it, she wants him to know how unfairly he treated her and ow easily she can do it right back to him. That’s fair, right? (Maybe not, but what the heck.)

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

scorpio zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Scorpio generally doesn't like keeping secrets because they always lead to underhanded and sneaky behavior, but when she's in a relationship it isn't uncommon for her to change her tune.

She tends to make special exceptions for her significant other because it strengthens her bond with him and makes her seem more trustworthy. Of course, all of this trust goes right out the window when she's planning revenge.

Revenge to Scorpio is revealing all of her ex's secrets, no matter how trivial or damning they may be.

She goes back to putting her ex in a category of people who can't be trusted, which means she refuses to keep him on a pedestal. Scorpio's revenge is meant to bring honesty to a relationship that ended with dishonesty. 

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

sagittarius zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Sagittarius is more of a lone wolf than anything, so when she gets out of her comfort zone and starts a serious relationship, only to deal with a bad break up later on, she regrets dating in the first place.

Her best revenge is celebrating the single life. Showing her ex that she's much happier alone than she ever was with him is a low blow, but an effective one. 

To make this revenge on her ex even sweeter, Sagittarius will flaunt this newly single lifestyle on social media, including videos, pictures, and flirting on Twitter.

Her main goal is to make sure her ex knows that he means nothing to her now because that's how he made her feel. Sagittarius might even get too caught up in loving the single life that she puts her dating life on hold indefinitely. 

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

capricorn zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Capricorn puts a lot of time and effort into her relationships, which means that while she’s dating someone, she’s also incredibly close to his family.

She is more traditional when it comes to dating, so being part of the family is huge for her. After a break up, having to “break up” with his family, too, can be really hard on her; especially if he tells her she isn’t welcome around them anymore.

Capricorn gets revenge on her ex by telling his family EVERYTHING that happened between them.

Maybe he cheated on her or maybe he refused to talk about serious things, but whatever happened, she’s not afraid to tell on him. Even if things never get resolved between Capricorn and her ex, having his family be disappointed in him for a while is still pretty sweet.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Aquarius isn’t afraid to be petty after a bad break up, which can be both a surprise and not a surprise to her ex.

However, since Aquarius and her ex aren’t speaking anymore, it’s not like she has to be mindful of his feelings anymore, right? That said, her go-to revenge can make even the nastiest break up even worse.

So, it’s no surprise that this revenge would consist of Aquarius sleeping with her ex’s best friend. This is the guy who is supposed to be there for him always, but once Aquarius comes around, he’s willing to betray his best bro.

This will not only hurt her ex even more after the break up, but it will also eliminate having his go-to guy to talk to. Talk about petty.

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

pisces zodiac sign how you get revenge on your ex

Pisces is a BIG lover, which means that she always puts 110% into all of her relationships, even if they’re short-lived.

So whenever she’s broken up with, whether it was a 5-month relationship or a 5-year one, she takes it pretty hard. So hard, in fact, that she wants to destroy all memory of her ex.

Pisces would be the sign most likely to burn all of her ex’s possessions, including the stuffed animal he got her at a carnival to his favorite hoodie – she doesn’t discriminate.

He can forget about ever getting the presents he’s given her back, but if he isn’t careful, he might lose the shirt off his back, too. She isn’t afraid to burn ALL of his stuff, as long as she can get her hands on it.

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