Daughter Removes The Matching Tattoo She Got With Her Mom After Finding Out She Was Sleeping With Her Husband

One woman's guide on what to do if your mom sleeps with your husband.

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Katherine, or KATenatious as she is called on TikTok, has taken to the internet to reveal the scandalous affair between her mother and now ex-husband. 

Katherine removed the matching tattoo she got with her mom after she learned about the sordid affair.

On October 7, 2023, Katherine posted a popular video exposing the affair between her ex and her mom that garnered over 48,000 likes and 300 comments asking for more details.


On March 8, 2024, she finally began posting with real explanations and dove into how she found out about the affair.



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Katherine shared that she had suspicions for several months before finding out. 

In her four-part series, Katherine revealed that she found out about the affair in February 2022 but had strange feelings about their relationship for months before ever finding out.


She said she witnessed changes in the way they acted towards each other including the way they hugged each other. Her husband started giving her mom foot rubs and Valentine’s Gifts, and the real kicker was something they both said on multiple occasions — “If Katherine and her dad were to both pass away, we would totally end up together.”

Even her grandmother admitted that she too noticed strange changes in the dynamic between Katherine's ex and her mom.

Her husband and mom tried to lie the night the affair came to light.

At the time of the reveal, Katherine’s husband had been out of a full-time job for several months after being let go the previous fall. In order to pay necessary bills he spent evenings Doordashing. On this particular evening, he said he would be in a city about 20 minutes from their house and would be home by 9 p.m. When 9:30 rolled around and she had not heard from him, she decided to FaceTime him to make sure he was okay.



During the call, she began to realize she recognized the buildings in the background and that he wasn't where he initially said.  When confronted about became combative but finally admitted that that Kat was right.


It was at that point that Kat heard a woman’s voice in the passenger seat. When she brought up the voice he hung up on her. In shock, Katherine called him back and demanded he show her the passenger seat. He refused and hung up again. She called back one final time and asked him again to show her the passenger seat. He finally turned the phone and there was no one there but she knew the mystery woman had moved in the time between the calls.



Because of her previous suspicions, Katherine called her younger sister who lived at home with their parents. Begging her to see if their mom was home, her sister confessed that Kat's husband picked up their mom earlier that evening and was told to not mention it.

That's when Katherine called her mom. After 8 unanswered calls, her mom finally answered and Kat simply said, “Just tell me why.” Refusing to show her understanding, her mother questioned her about what she meant before ultimately saying “Tell you why I’m with your husband?”


Kat said she could hear her husband talking in the background and told them to come to her house so they could discuss it in person.

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When they arrived at Katherine's house they continued to deny any wrongdoing.

Upon arrival at their home, Kat said her husband and mother tried to Hug her and tell her they loved her. They denied any accusations of the affair saying they would never do that.

After their continuous denial of the affair, Katherine kicked her mom out of her house and went to bed. The next day she went to her older sister's house to talk it out and that was when her sister admitted catching their mom and Katherine's husband pressed up against each other inappropriately at the family Christmas get-together a few months prior.




It was at that point she went to her father to tell him what was going on. She said he did not seem shocked or upset and told her “You need to go speak to your husband. Today he will tell you the truth.”

At that point, she asked her father, sisters, and grandmother to come to her house to stay with her twins and be a form of support while she made a final stand against her husband. 

Although he finally did come clean about the affair, he tried to turn the tables on her and said it was because she was a terrible wife and mother, and he needed to find comfort from someone else.


Removing her tattoo is the final step in Katherine's road to healing.

At this point in Katherine's journey of healing from the heartbreak and betrayal she faced, she is using her tattoo removal as a marker for a new start.

The backstory of the matching tattoo centered around the song, “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins. What once was a symbol of the bond between mother and daughter is now a symbol of her independence and strength. She has been on her tattoo removal journey for two years and it is almost completely faded.



Katherine's latest post on the tattoo removal process showed a much happier woman. One who could find humor in her darkest days. One who found strength in sharing her story.




Through pain, Katherine found strength, and her story is inspiring. Even if you couldn't relate to the sordid tale, there's certainly a lesson about matching tattoos that should never be ignored — Don't get one!

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