30 Real Women Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over

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When it's done, it's done, and you just feel it.

When a bad marriage has finally reached its expiration date, you know it's time to pack it in.

I spoke to 30 women who shared with me the moment that they knew: this marriage is done for good — from drug use to affairs, each reason was the tipping point that led to divorce.

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1. Sick, Pregnant, and Alone

"When I was pregnant and sick with our second son for two months before he was born and my husband came to visit me once. Once. Barely called, too." — Lisa M.

2. Didn't Care If He Came Home From Work

"When I didn't care where he was when he didn't come home from work . . . I knew." — Pat C.

3. Did It All — He Still Complained

"When I realized I did 90 percent of the work in the home, earned 95 percent of the money, paid all the bills, managed child care, and food shopping . . . and when I said I was overwhelmed, he told me to try running my own business and see how stressful it is!" — Sue E.

4. Wanted Me to Get Pregnant, Then Asked Me to Abort the Baby

"When he begged me to give him a child because he had none and he was 39. I got pregnant, and he begged me to abort the baby. I found out he has two kids in another state he doesn't see or pay child support to . . . " — Crystal F.

5. Loneliness Was Too Much

"When the loneliness became so painful." — Natalie O.

6. Intense Emotional and Psychological Abuse

"After years of emotional and psychological abuse and torture . . . I accused him of lying about something (about money, unbeknownst to him) and he admitted his affair. It was my ticket out!" — Rachel L.

7. Proof of an Affair

"When I saw the text 'Can I still call you?' from the other girl in his phone." — Tracy C.

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8. Proof of Child Abuse

"When I said child protective services came to the house after the school reported his abuse, and he said he didn't have a problem and didn't need help!" — April W.

9. Barely Working

"He said 'maybe' he could look for a job in a different field, his old field since he hadn't found any work in his 'aspirational field.' Meanwhile, I was completely supporting us financially and couldn't take time off with our soon-to-be second child." — Danielle T.

10. No Attraction

"When he told me he fell out of love with me and wasn't attracted to me." — Caren C.

11. He Hit Me

"When he put his hands on me." — Heather W.

12. Lost Respect

"When I lost respect for him." — Maureen B.

13. College Money . . . Poof!

"When he spent the kids' college money." — Jean B.

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14. In Love With Pills

"When I realized he loved his pills more than he did me." — Katie I.

15. Gambling Problem

"He was gambling every day while I was pregnant with our second child and supporting him through grad school." — Lauren S.

16. In Rehab Hunting For Another Woman

"When I found out he was trolling for another woman the entire time he was in rehab!" — Jess G.

17. Cringed at His Touch

"When I cringed at his touch." — Jennifer R.

18. STD

"When he gave me an STD." — Adrianna D.

19. Bad Character

"When he said his motto was 'deny it to the end.'" — Dawn A.

20. Control Freak

"When he accused me of cheating on him when I was texting a girlfriend from work . . . on my birthday." — Dana D.

21. Bringing Drugs Into the Home

"When he said, 'I know you are not OK with me bringing drugs into our home, but you are just going to have to deal with it because it's what I want.'" — Karen W.

22. Hiding Assets

"When I discovered he was hiding assets and income under phony trusts, including my car that I drove and the house that I live in . . . " — Laura L.

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23. Begging to Love Me

"When I found myself begging him to love me." — Angela A.

24. No Interest in Our Baby

"When he wouldn't hold our newborn daughter." — Sara D.

25. Caught Him With Cocaine

"When I caught him red-handed with cocaine." — Christy T.

26. Abandoned Us

"When he just left us and didn't come back." — Hannah R.

27. Absent During Our Pregnancy

"When he wasn't around during our pregnancy and when he was, he was mean and abusive." — Lisa G.

28. Cheating With a Younger Woman

"When I caught him with a younger woman." — Cindy B.

29. His Drug Problem

"When I discovered him doing drugs." — Melissa A.

30. Son Won't Be Like Dad

"When my 6-year-old son said he would never treat his wife the way his dad treats me." — Dena L.

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