18 Unfaithful Women Reveal The Honest Reasons They Cheated

Whether it's for revenge or "just because," cheating is not the answer.

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For years, society has built this image that men are the cheaters. Men are the ones having affairs with their secretaries, regularly deleting texts and social media messages and going behind their significant others' backs with years-long affairs. 

But women do it, too, and they do it all. 

Why women cheat, according to 18 unfaithful women

Studies suggest that the motivation to cheat differs by gender, with men more likely to seek physical gratification and women looking to fill an emotional void. But we went straight to the source to figure out just how true that really is, asking 18 women for their reasons for cheating.


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1. For attention

"I cheated on my boyfriend because I felt unappreciated and taken for granted. Guys hit on me all the time and I got someone else to pay attention because he didn't."


2. They're lonely

"I cheated on my boyfriend because he was too busy with work. Turns out he was working overtime to save up for an engagement ring."

3. Their boyfriend didn't text back

"I cheated on my boyfriend because he didn't reply to my texts fast enough and another guy did."

4. To get certain needs fulfilled

"I've cheated on my boyfriend a few times because he refuses to go down on me. Other guys have no problem with it."

5. For revenge

"I decided to cheat on my boyfriend because he cheated on me. I don't regret it."



6. The sex was bad

"I cheated on my boyfriend 4 times because the sex with him sucked."


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7. A lack of adventure in bed

"My boyfriend refused to try new stuff in bed so I cheated on him. I can't live on vanilla sex alone..."

8. Feeling left out

"I ended up cheating on my boyfriend because he kept complimenting my friend at MY birthday party."

9. Feeling unappreciated

"I've cheated on my boyfriend because he didn't compliment me on my boobs enough."

10. Commitment issues

"I decided to cheat on my boyfriend because we were getting really serious and I got scared."



11. Long-distance relationship issues

"I cheated on my boyfriend because I hadn't seen him in so long and I needed to sleep with someone." 


12. Physical attraction to someone else

"I ended up cheating on my boyfriend because I met a guy who looked like Johnny Depp. It was a one-time thing."

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13. Wrong assumptions

"I cheated on my boyfriend because I thought he wouldn't care and instead thing it was hot..wrong."

14. Forgetting about a relationship

"I once cheated on my boyfriend because I thought I told him we should go on a break. But I forgot to."

15. Feeling spontaneous

"I cheated on my boyfriend while I was on vacation because there were too many hot guys and I didn't want to have any regrets."


16. Not realizing how they really feel about their partner

"I cheated on my boyfriend because I thought I wasn't happy. It made me see how much I truly love him. I don't deserve him."

17. Feeling used

"I cheated on my boyfriend because he used me for my expensive gifts, a roof over his head, and the money I make working 2 jobs."

18. Feeling unloved

"I cheated on my boyfriend with a guy I used to hook up with because I feel like he likes me more than my boyfriend."

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Stefanie Leonel is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in Women's Health, Thought Catalog and more.