What It Means If You Have Weird Stomach Pains

Your health is of utmost importance.

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Whether you just ate a big meal, need to go to the bathroom, or it's that time of the month, experiencing stomach pain can derail plans very quickly. But what are the causes of stomach pain?

The truth is, weird stomach pains can be so many things but are not always cause for alarm. In fact, stomach pain causes may be completely normal things. But according to Dr. Richard Honaker, M.D., the Chief Medical Officer at Your Doctors Online, “Red flags are fever, recurrent or persistent symptoms, severe pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhea.”


Before you discount that weird stomach pain as just indigestion or having overeaten, check out this list below.

Some of the possibilities are scary but important to look into.

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1. Appendicitis

If you have a sudden acute pain with certain side effects, it could be appendicitis. This is very dangerous and means you should seek urgent medical care.

“Appendicitis usually causes pain around the navel, followed by nausea and vomiting, and then relocation of the pain to the right lower quadrant. There is often no appetite and it hurts to bounce up and down,” warns Dr. Honaker.


2. Constipation

If you have been having problems going to the bathroom regularly, constipation can lead to stomach cramps. There are changes in diet and medication that your doctor may recommend, all of which can help. Drinking more water can provide relief as well.

3. Gallbladder issues

If you notice you have stomach pains after heavy, fatty meals, this is a symptom of gallbladder issues. Gallbladder issues can vary in severity, so it's important to see a doctor to understand the proper course for your own individual situation.

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4. Heart attack

This is very serious. In some people, upper stomach pain accompanied by nausea could be a sign of a heart attack. See a doctor immediately. It can save your life. And even if there's a chance that this is what is going on, your health is the most important thing.


5. Period

This one is limited to women, of course, but PMS often leads to stomach cramps. Medication like Midol can help a lot, as do heating pads and gentle stretching exercises. There's no reason to suffer in silence!

6. Indigestion or food allergies

Food poisoning, indigestion, or sensitivity to certain foods can all lead to stomach pain. Pay attention if you feel this way often after eating certain things, as it may be a food to avoid in the future. Food poisoning can be deadly in some situations, so this is not a matter to ignore.

7. Dehydration

Here's something people don't often consider when experiencing abdominal pains: dehydration. “If you aren't drinking enough water, your stomach muscles can contract and cramp up and spasm. This occurs due to the fact that your stomach needs electrolytes to function properly,” advises Wayne Anthony, Clean Water Advocate at WaterFilterData.org.

As always, if you have strange pains that reoccur, it’s never a bad idea to see a doctor and get a physical. It can be a sign of something serious and it’s always better to play things safe.


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