Nooooo, Say It Ain't So: Nutella Is Slowly Poisoning All Of Us

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Time to scale back on that chocolatey goodness.

Confession time: we are obsessed with Nutella. We put on it on our toast in the morning, we dip our fruit into it for a snack, and we cover our desserts in it when it's not rich enough. 

But the truth is, it's not healthy for you.

No matter how much Nutella focuses on it being made from hazelnut, it actually has four sneaky ingredients that can hurt your health, according to Healthy Life Tricks:

1. Soy

This has become all the rage, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Soy causes thyroid depression, weight gain, fatigue, delays menstruation, raises your risk of breast cancer, and can lead to premature puberty.

2. Sugar

This ingredient not only causes your ketchup addiction, but the sugar in your Nutella might be worse. The sugar is from a genetically modified sugar beet. It's loaded with pesticides and has neurotoxins that kill brain cells. They are also linked to ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, migraine and more.

3. Skim milk

You might be thinking you're doing yourself a favor by swapping out whole milk for skim but it has pus from sick cows and the most dangerous type of cholesterol. Gross!

4. Vanillin

The tasty spread says it contains no artificial flavors banking you won’t know what this is. Vanillin actually tricks your brain and taste buds into thinking you're having vanilla. It also has neurotoxins that kill brain cells.

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Yikes. I guess we need to cut back if we want to keep our brain cells.