The Unsexy Truth Behind How I Lost 100 Pounds — And Kept It Off

Slimming down has never been so simple.

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Here are some highlights from my interview with Sarah Novello, project manager for the app-based weight loss program, Lose It!, and nutrition and behavior change expert. She has personally lost more than 100 pounds and has successfully kept the weight off. 

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Here is the truth behind how I lost 100lbs and kept it off:

1. Weigh yourself every single day

Studies have proven that this works. This practice helps you notice funny fluctuations and trends. Sarah mentioned that if she goes to the gym and does a lot of strength training, followed by a beer or two, she was heavier on the scale the next day. Her body doesn’t do well with that combination.


When you practice weighing yourself every day, it becomes like brushing your teeth. You know your number, and the little fluctuations aren’t overwhelming.

2. Keep a food journal

Write down everything you eat. Accounting for all the food you eat is instrumental in weight management. If you go on a binge-eating spree, write down how you feel at that moment. You’ll realize you feel bad for about sixteen hours. The next time you will feel less tempted because the payoff is not worth it.

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3. Set bite-sized goals

If you say to yourself that you’re going to lose 25 pounds that can feel overwhelming, making it easy to give up. A better strategy is to promise to go to the gym for only ten minutes. Chances are strong that not only will you go, but you’ll work out longer.


4. Plan ahead if you know you're going to eat out

If you know, you’re going to be in a tempting situation, such as a party, plan your strategy before you get there. Tell yourself, “I’m only going to eat veggies and fruits”. Envision yourself placing those items on your plate and walking away from the buffet.

Knowing your food strategy and playing the imaginary movie in your head, of enacting your plan, makes it easier when you enter the situation.

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5. Be specific about your goals

Make sure your plan is detailed versus vague. If you say I’m going to I am going to be healthier, what does this mean? It’s better to have a set plan.


An example is, “I’m going to eat three servings of vegetables before I eat anything else for dinner”.

6. Have an accountability partner

This can be a romantic partner, a friend, or a stranger on the internet who you’ve connected with. The Lose It! app does allow you to connect with others to encourage accountability and make it more fun!

Sarah backs up these tips with scientific data that she has studied while working at Lose It! App. She also mentioned that the Lose It! The app is the first of its kind since the App Store opened.


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