2 Amazing Gut Health Supplements For Women (Especially During Menopause)

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To stay healthy as a woman, maintaining a healthy gut — from your stomach to your intestines — is incredibly important. Cultivating a healthy gut with an aligned balance of healthy bacteria can help to support a variety of health benefits.*

Being inherently intertwined with hormones, gut health and menopause are also inextricably linked together — both in informing our symptoms and the severity and longevity of our experience.


So, if you’re anticipating symptoms of menopause or are in the midst of navigating them now, try taking a more holistic approach to treating them.

Focus on your gut health first with products like prebiotics and probiotics for menopause or gut health supplements from holistic health brands like MenoLabs® .*

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Why women should take care of their gut health.

Our gut microbiome, otherwise known as the microorganisms and bacteria of our gut, is the beating heart of our body's entire microbiome. Not only does it inform the way we feel, but it also contributes to the health of our immune system, the management of our weight, and how we digest food. 


As we grow and age, our gut microbiome changes right alongside us, often gaining or losing a certain amount of bacterial diversity depending on our holistic health habits.

For women, the most dramatic shifts in the gut microbiome occur before and after menopause — the natural decline in reproductive hormones in women aged 40 to 50 years old. As the body starts to produce less of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, a variety of menopausal symptoms occur, from weight gain to hot flashes

2 Best Gut Health Supplements For Women (Especially During Menopause)Vladimir Vladimirov / CanvaPro


The link between decreasing estrogen levels in menopausal women and gut microbiome diversity suggests a need for supplemental support. 

Experts such as Brandilyn Peters-Samuelson, PhD, an epidemiologist researching the human microbiome, suggest that this link between declining estrogen levels in menopausal women and their gut health is important in several ways. 

“It could be that as the hormone estrogen goes down, the bacteria just has less to work with. But we do know that higher estrogen is associated with greater microbial diversity, and that’s good for women’s general health,” she says. 

So, if it’s inevitable that menopause is affecting the overall health of our gut, and our gut health may be informing the severity of our menopausal symptoms like weight gain, how can you improve your gut health in supplemental ways? 


That's where MenoLabs® can help to improve your gut health.*



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2 Amazing gut health supplements for women

Companies like MenoLabs® provide holistic gut health supplements that help to support your gut microbiome, while also targeting symptoms of menopause that may affect women’s lives. By supporting your gut health, you can protect the balance of healthy bacteria that leads to symptoms like weight gain. 


In addition to adding essential supplements and probiotics for menopause, women can start to support their gut health and combat menopausal symptoms in a number of other natural ways, including limiting ultra-processed foods, drinking more water, and ensuring a high-fiber diet.*

1. MenoLabs® MenoFit®

Supplements like MenoLabs® MenoFit® can provide relief to women struggling with their weight management during menopause.*

Millions of women struggle with weight management while going through their menopausal transition, with 20% of them gaining 10 pounds or more.

In addition to living an active lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating habits, supplements like MenoLabs® MenoFit® can provide extra support to your gut health and overall weight management during menopause, for only $49.99.*


Not only does MenoLabs® MenoFit® help to support a more balanced weight, but its capsule’s blended formulation of probiotics, herbs, vitamins, and minerals can also help to combat hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, brain fog, and other menopausal symptoms.*

menolabs menofit complete probiotic

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If you notice a boost in energy, a happier mood, and a less all-consuming anxiety about the potential for weight gain, MenoLabs® subscription services every 30 days can save you 20% on each bottle, bringing the total to only $39.99!*


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2. MenoLabs® Happy Fiber®

MenoLabs® Happy Fiber® prebiotic supplements provide 'mood-improving' support for menopausal women.*

Women can naturally support their menopausal symptoms like mood swings by eating nutritious and diverse diets, moving their bodies daily, and even taking advantage of therapy.

Alongside these natural approaches, prebiotic fiber supplements for menopause like Happy Fiber® can help with normal, menopause-related mood swings and promote a healthier, happier attitude.*

menolabs happy fiber probiotic supplement


Its flavorless, non-thickening, and clear-dissolving formula makes it incredibly easy to introduce into your daily routine, in whatever your drink of choice is for the day, at just $27.99 a bag, or $22.39 for a subscription service every 30 days.

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Not only does Happy Fiber® target your mood with the amino acid L-Tyrosine, but it is supporting your gut health with a blend of soluble fibers from three different sources. 

If you’re looking to take control of your gut health and the grasp that menopausal symptoms have on you, also consider the Fit & Happy bundle of both the fiber and probiotics above.*


Aging can be beautiful both on the inside and out. Don’t let a disregard for your gut health and a tolerance for menopause symptoms take that joy away from you. 

—Created in partnership with MenoLabs®, a brand of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc.

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2 Amazing Gut Health Supplements For Women (Especially During Menopause)