My First Time Getting A Brazilian Wax

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brazilian wax
Brazilian waxing exposed: a woman describes her first time waxing all the hair down there.

I've often wondered how many precious minutes of my life have been lost while I was locked in the privacy of my bathroom, warming a small strip of Sally Hanson wax with my 1800 watt hairdryer, preparing to coif my seemingly uncoiffable bikini region. I usually wonder this as I'm chugging a vodka tonic, doing deep breathing exercises, and enjoying those last few peaceful seconds before I pull the strip off.

You probably know the rest of the story because it might have happened to you once or twice. The strip comes off with four measly hairs, the wax gets caught on some hair that you weren't intending to remove and you're left with a Sally Hanson wax-strip icicle dangling between your legs. After enduring the pain of yanking that off, you realize you've now got a couple of bald spots in places you don't want to be bald. Read: What Do Men Think About Bikini Waxing?


Not long after one of these unpleasant experiences, I came across a story with a quote from San Francisco skincare and waxing goddess Marilyn Jaeger in reference to Brazilian bikini waxing: "If you want to sell the house, you've got to mow the lawn."

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