Woman Kicks Daughter-In-Law Out Of The House On New Year’s Eve For Calling Her ‘Mom’ Instead Of Her First Name

The mother-in-law's hostile response unsurprisingly led to an argument.

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Our partner’s families can often fill voids we never knew we had. Even for people who come from big families, having another avenue to build new connections can blossom into relationships that feel just like a sister, brother or parent. 

But sometimes, things those relationships don't live up to expectations, as is what one family experienced on New Year's Eve. After getting married to her new husband and bonding with his mother, a woman started to call her mother-in-law “mom.” Unfortunately, her mother-in-law’s response was unsuspectingly hostile and led to a larger fight that nobody anticipated. 


The mother-in-law kicked her out on New Year’s Eve after she called her, 'mom' saying it made her ‘very uncomfortable.’ 

Th mother-in-law took to Reddit after a huge fight she had with her daughter-in-law over the New Year’s holiday asking for advice on whether she acted inappropriately or not. 

“My [daughter-in-law] is very sweet,” she admitted from the start. “She can cook well and we bond in the kitchen. We get along great.” 

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Despite their connection, the mom admitted that she hated it when her daughter-in-law called her mom. “I’ve talked to her and my son about it multiple times. It makes me uncomfortable.” 

The story wasn't as simple as that, however. The mother admitted that her other daughter-in-law calls her “mom” and she has no problem with it. 

The mother-in-law revealed that her other son’s wife calls her mom but that’s only appropriate because she ‘practically raised her.’ 

“She started to date my son in college … but I think of her as my daughter,” the woman revealed. Not only did her own mother pass away of cancer when she was 10 years old, but her father also passed away several years later.

This mom admitted that she adopted the “motherly” role, taking her on vacation with the family, giving her advice, and treating her like her own daughter. “When they got married, they moved four houses down from us,” the mom said,” however [the other daughter-in-law] lives 6 hours away …  and I can’t drive well.” 


At the family’s New Year’s Eve gathering, this woman admitted she was at her “wit's end." She confessed, “She made it a point to call me mom in every sentence. I was annoyed!” 

When she finally confronted her, her son’s wife was incredibly upset saying it was “unfair” that she wasn’t allowed to call her mom, but her other daughter-in-law was. “I told her I raised [her], so it makes sense. [She] has no other family, but you have a huge family with a mom that loves you very much.” 

While it might not be the norm to adopt “mom" and "dad” titles for in-laws, a significant number of couples tend to do it. In a YouGov poll, 17% of married couples admitted they use the terms regularly.



It seemed appropriate for this woman to use the moniker considering she’d built a connection with her husband’s mom and had seen her sister-in-law doing essentially the same thing. 


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The daughter-in-law admitted she felt ‘rejected’ by the family but this woman simply called her ungrateful. 

The woman's actions did not exactly reflect her distaste for being addressed as "mom." Not only did the pair connect in the kitchen, but the woman admitted to doing some incredibly selfless financial acts for the couple, as well. 

“For context, among other things, I paid for half of her college loans and helped her pay for the house they live in,” the mom said. “She feels like I’m rejecting her, but after all I’ve done, if this is the thing that makes [her[ feel isolated … [she] needs help to be grateful.” 

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While many comments suggested the financial help is representative of a stronger relationship that warranted the use of a term like “mom,” others argued this “messy” story was too multi-faceted to make that assumption. 

Some argued the daughter-in-law was simply holding onto resentment towards her mother-in-law playing “favorites,” and baited her with the term to have an excuse to confront her about it. 

“Throwing money at someone doesn’t mean you love them. There are a ton of people who use money to manipulate others, to look good, etc,” one commenter said. “I’m not saying that’s what [this mother] is doing … the daughter-in-law just may not see these things as having the meaning she wants … it could be taken as the [mother] just sees her as an outsider.” 

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Their conversation escalated into a huge fight on New Year’s Eve with the daughter-in-law threatening to ‘never come back.’ 

Ultimately, the pair had a massive argument during the party and the daughter-in-law needed to be “pulled away” by her husband before the couple fled the party. “She said that I’m a [expletive] and [the other daughter-in-law] can be my favorite … because [the couple] is never coming back.” 

The mom admitted that she called her “a brat” before yelling at them to “get out.” 

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When her son sent her a text later in the night, asking her to apologize, she couldn’t help but scoff. “He said that [she] was serious about her threat … I left him on read.” 

While commenters' opinions went back and forth, many agreed that the woman had a right to ask her daughter-in-law to stop doing what made her "uncomfortable,” but the double standard was creating a harmful dynamic in their family.

And that's the major point in all this. There is a double standard when it comes to her son's wives. No matter her reasons, it does and will continue to hurt this daughter-in-law.


Sadly, what was a minor issue has morphed into one that will likely bleed into more than just this mother’s relationship with her daughter-in-law. It will impact her relationship with her sons and their sibling bond, as well. She needs to put her love for her son at the forefront and reevaluate how she handled the situation.

And most importantly, this mom needs to open the door to communication with her daughter-in-law or she runs the risk of a fractured family.

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