Mom Cut Her Own Mother Out Of Her Life After She Took Her Daughter’s Braids Out — ‘I’m Not Brushing It Every Day’

She claimed her mom was "toxic" and "unforgivable."

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Everyone has squabbles with their family at times. However, there are times when whatever caused an argument is too big to overlook, and it leads to family members going no contact. 

That happened for one mother and daughter over something many found surprising — hair braids.

A woman decided she would no longer stay in contact with her mother after she took her daughter’s braids out without asking.

A TikTok creator named Nichole gave viewers a summary of one of the biggest reasons behind her cutting off her mom, and it all had to do with her daughter’s hair.

@______nichole Theres plenty of reason you havent seen my kids in months 💜*my daughters hair was put in sectioned beaded braids, not cornrows. Thats what the babysit had in her own hair. Also my kids are both mixed😅*#fyp#narcissistmom ♬ original sound - ______nichole

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“My mom took my daughter’s braids out, and that’s one of the reasons I cut her off,” she said. “And I’m just trying to understand why — why would she do that?”

Nichole went on to offer some context on exactly what happened. “So, basically, it was about six months ago,” she shared. “My daughter’s never got her hair braided before, so I was looking around on Facebook, looking for someone to do it, and the babysitter she was going to at the time was like, ‘I don’t know how, but I’ll learn.’”

The babysitter followed through on her word. “We came back after the weekend and the babysitter had cornrowed her own hair and taught herself so that she could do my baby’s hair. And she did it so beautifully,” Nichole said. “It looked so good. It probably took her a few hours to do it.”

@thesalesfamily_ Took My daughter to get braids at the hair salon for the FIRST TIME #fyp #firsttime #hair #hairstyle #braids #protectivestyles #foryou ♬ Feeling Good Vibes - Thays B.M

Unfortunately, her mom decided to undo those hours of work in a few minutes.


“So, two days later, my daughter goes over to my mom’s house to spend the night or whatever, and I pick her up, and the braids are out,” she stated angrily. “And my mom’s like, ‘Her hair’s not meant to be in braids.’”

Despite the fact that this mom was just trying to fight for her daughter and for her own right to make decisions, many in the comment section thought she was the problem.

“I consider your mom lucky,” one person said. “Do her a favor and go fully no contact. You are toxic.”

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Nichole responded to this and other negative comments in a follow-up video.

Nichole was quick to explain that her daughter’s hair was far from the only reason she and her mother were no longer talking.


I’m a very forgiving person,” she argued. “However, we’re talking about the lady who got in an argument with my sister over the color of trash cans.”

@______nichole Replying to @JenandJuicy you guys are wild #fyp#narcissistmom ♬ original sound - ______nichole

Nichole also explained why she wanted her daughter’s hair braided. “The thing is, she has sensory issues, and I’m not gonna sit there and brush her hair and make her scream and cry every day and pin her down,” she said. That’s not going to happen.”

Nichole insisted the main issue was that, after her daughter’s babysitter spent so much time braiding her hair, her mom simply took it out. This was after she asked her mom if she could braid her daughter’s hair herself, and she said no.


Braiding hair really can take a long time.

Some might say it’s not a big deal that Nichole’s mom took out her granddaughter’s braids. After all, they can just have the babysitter do her hair again, right?

While this is technically true, it could take a considerable amount of time and effort. Hairstylist Yene Demtew told Byrdie that cornrow braids could take anywhere from minutes to hours.

So, this girl’s hairstyle was actually quite a big deal. It likely took a fair amount of time and patience. 


Her grandmother should have respected that. However, this sounds like it is far from the only issue she has with her daughter.

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