Why Dr. Dre's Daughter Is Allegedly Homeless & Doesn’t Get Any Money From His $500M Fortune

Dr. Dre's oldest daughter says she has not seen her father in 18 years.

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Dr. Dre, rapper, producer, and creator of Beats by Dre, is worth at least $500 million — but he doesn't seem to be sharing any of that fortune with his eldest daughter, who says she's homeless. Dre's daughter LaTanya Young told Daily Mail she is currently living out of her car while her father keeps his millions to himself.

Dr. Dre’s daughter LaTanya Young claims she hasn't seen him in 18 years.

According to a Daily Mail exclusive, Young, who is Dre's oldest daughter from his marriage to Lisa Johnson, hasn't been able to communicate directly with her father since she was young. 


"I would have to go through his accountant or his right-hand man, I would never know whether he got my messages," she said. "I have never had a direct line to him."



"The last time I saw him was when I was 20 at my mom's house," Young continued. "It was such a good vibe. I do want a relationship with my father, I really do."


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Dr. Dre's daughter said he won't give her money because she has discussed him with the media.

While Young claimed Dre has paid her rent in the past as well as gave her an allowance, she told Daily Mail that despite being "homeless and I've been reaching out to my dad for help...his lawyer has said that my dad doesn't want to help me because I've spoken about him in the press."

Unable to afford an apartment, Young has been living out of a rental after moving to California last month when she lost her job in Nevada.


“The wage is higher in California — there was no work in Nevada,” she said. “There weren't enough jobs.”

She can’t even afford to keep the car that she’s renting and using for work.

“The car is a pretty penny,” she told Daily Mail. “It's an SUV that costs $2,300 for three weeks and I only paid for one week. Sooner or later they are going to take the car.”

Young is a mother of four kids, Tatiyana, 16, Rhiana, 13, D'Andre, eight, who is named after his grandfather, and Jason III, three — Young said that none of them have met Dre. Luckily, her kids have friends’ houses that they can stay at, and they have some family and friends that let them come and go from time to time, but according to Young, things are only getting worse.


“I'm trying to keep my head above water,” she said. “I've been in debt for a while.”

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Young has blamed Dre's distance on his marriage to Nicole White.

Dre, whose legal name is Andre Romelle Young, married white in 1996. 

"She was very standoffish and mysterious," Young said of White, claiming that there was a time when Young was a teenager that White turned her and her sisters away from their father's home. "I got the impression she didn't care to know any of us."

Dre and White filed for divorce in 2020, putting Dre's net worth front and center, which upset Young, who said she hasn't received a penny from her father since 2020 despite going through financial hardship. 


“I just heard that he has to pay $300k a month for spousal support — it's embarrassing because people are looking at me wondering: why?” she said.

While Dre was initially ordered to pay White $300,000 a month in spousal support, after highly publicized and bitter court proceedings, White ultimately received a $100 million divorce settlement.

Dre has not publicly commented on his relationship with his oldest daughter.

"I feel like he gave up on. He gave up on me and I don't know why...I still don't know why," she told Daily Mail, despite acknowledging that Dre has helped her previously. In August 2021, Young set up a GoFundMe campaign with a $50,000 goal, which raised a total of almost $8500 before closing.


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