Bride Wants To Call Off Wedding After Her Fiancé’s Car Accident Exposes The Truth About Their Relationship

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A bride faced some bad luck as she found out a disturbing detail about her fiance when he got into a car accident which made her want to call the wedding off.

After feeling overwhelmed by her situation, the bride went to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread to share her story.

The woman’s fiance cheated on her with an ex while they were planning for the wedding.

The couple was going to get married soon after being together for six years, however, unfortunately, the groom-to-be was hit by a drunk driver and was in the hospital.


All of the man’s family were at the hospital worried for him.

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After seeing the man struggling at the hospital, his mother wanted to confess something about him to the woman.

“She’s religious and when my fiancé was hovering between life and death she was worried about his sins so she told me that he cheated on me about 2 months ago with an ex he bumped into,” the woman wrote.

In the midst of planning for the wedding, the man had taken on an immense amount of stress and had a weak moment when he met his ex.


After the man committed infidelity, he asked his parents for advice on what he should do — they told him not to tell the woman anything.

The woman added that his parents thought that “As long as he’s remorseful and as long as it was me he wanted, he should forget about what he did and move on.

"His whole family knew.”

Eventually, her fiance got better and went back home.

The woman wrote, “They’re very happy he’s doing better and understandably so and my presence by his side is very helpful according to him and his family.”

As he was getting better, the wedding was going according to plan and they were set to get married as originally.


But after learning about her fiance's infidelity, the woman wants to call the wedding off. 

The woman explained, “Our relationship was over the moment I found out about the cheating. I stayed because I loved (still do) him and I wanted him to feel better.”

Additionally, she thought that she had more time to deal with this as the wedding was supposed to be postponed. 

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The woman also tried to talk to the man’s mother about possibly calling the wedding off, but she requested the woman to not do anything about it and made her understand how important it was for her to stay by her fiance's side.


“She made a mistake by telling me and that I shouldn’t take advantage of what she said in desperation to punish him and kill his spirit. He’s still recovering and he needs me,” the woman wrote.

She felt stuck in her situation and all of this just made her feel angry toward her fiance so much so that she regretted being by his side all this time.

“I’m ashamed that even when I was worried about his life. I was very angry and resentful,” she wrote.


Looking at the beautiful venue for the wedding and the efforts her family members were taking made the bride-to-be feel worse.

“I’m so angry and I’ve kept bottling it up since the accident. I’m afraid I’m going to explode soon!” the bride-to-be vented out.

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