Man Refuses To Let His Mother Attend His Wedding After Overhearing Her Talk About His Daughter

It was a rude comment.

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After his mother made a rude comment about his daughter, one groom decided to uninvite her from the wedding.

The man thought that he may have gone too far — it is his mother after all — so he went to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” thread to ask strangers on the internet for their opinions.

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In his post, the man mentioned that he would soon be getting married to his fiancee who has a daughter from an ex, but he always saw her as his own daughter and would be adopting her soon.


The groom’s mother implied that his daughter wasn’t his real daughter.

“When we were discussing both our parents I overheard my mother saying she can't wait to have a real grandchild. I immediately asked what she meant by that,” the man wrote. “She said that she just means it's obvious that my daughter isn't biologically mine.”

The man’s mother claimed that she wanted a biological granddaughter whom she could show off to everyone.

This revelation came as a shock to the man as he hadn’t imagined that his mother would ever say something like this.

He has always considered his daughter as his own but his mother had different thoughts. 


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One of the reasons his mother may have felt this way was because of her race. 

The man wrote, “Both my fiancee and myself are Caucasian. My daughter is mixed race.

Nevertheless, the man was still furious at his mother and didn't appreciate the way she talked about his daughter.

He decided to uninvite his mother from the wedding and cut her off from his life.

“I told her she wasn't welcome at my wedding and not to worry about being seen with my daughter because she would never be seeing any of my kids,” he added.

Rather than seeing her wrongdoings in this, the man’s mother is upset with his decision.


She has been trying to reach out to her son via social media while making him understand how she feels.

All of his family members think that he should hear her out just once.

While the man knows his fiance is hurt, she still claimed that he can do what he wants.

Finally, he went to Reddit to share his story and ask for some advice.

Redditors let him know that he wasn’t wrong and doesn’t need to hear his mother out.

One user wrote, “You see this child as your child since she is a package deal with her mother. Your own mother doesn't accept her as her grandchild. You are 100% correct to draw that line in the sand.”

Another person commented, "She needs to fix her attitude. You adopted your daughter and accepted her as your kid. So she is your kid and her grandchild."


Many people also explained the side effects and the troubles he would have to face if he does decide to let his mother back into his life.

“Don't expose any of [your] children to her because the way your mom treats your oldest daughter will become obvious to any of her potential siblings once they are old enough,” another user wrote.

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