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Family Gives Little Girl Coal For Christmas In An Uggs Box Because She Was 'Naughty' All Year

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little girl sad at Christmas

The holidays are special, especially for young children. The excitement of Santa coming, holiday lights and decorations, and presents on the way are enough for a full 364 days of utter excitement. 

For many families, their children’s Christmas excitement is a bribe for good behavior. If all other resorts fail, there’s always the “Santa is watching” in your back pocket because, well... of course, he is. 

One family decided to use that to their advantage, bribing their young daughter to get her act together after a year of “naughty behavior,” but she called their bluff. Unfortunately for her, Santa was watching — and he gifted her a box of coal to reprimand her for her misbehavior. 

A family wrapped up coal for a young girl, reminding her that ‘Santa’ was not going to reward bad behavior with gifts.

When her older sister shared the video of her family’s Christmas prank on TikTok, many viewers had a lot to say. The majority condemned them for “stripping the Christmas cheer” away from the young girl. 



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The video showed the young girl’s excitement as she frantically unwrapped her gift with her whole family watching and cheering her on. When she got all the wrapping paper off the gift, the camera revealed the Ugg shoebox and the girl’s face lit up. 

When she opened the box, however, she found a note from “Santa” and a few pieces of coal. In disbelief, she turned the note towards the camera and looked around to her family for an explanation. 

“I heard you were being very naughty this year,” the note read. “Try again next year. From Santa.” 

Many thought that the family was ‘ruining the joy of Christmas’ for the young girl. 

While some comments defended the family for their Christmas lesson, many quickly turned on them, calling the joke “traumatizing” and “emotionally abusive” for the young girl. 

One commenter recalled the joy of their own Christmas memories as a kid and argued that this family was ripping those magic memories away from the little girl: “Do you not realize that Christmas is a pivotal time in a child’s life?” 

Family Gives Little Girl Coal For Christmas Because She Was Naughty All Year Photo: KidStock / Canva Pro

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Reading the angry comments, the older sister felt the need to defend her family from the hate they were receiving on social media. She made it clear that while the video only showed the coal, her family would never take away those cheerful memories (and they did give her the “Uggs” after all). 

The family only wanted to teach the young girl a lesson about how her behavior had consequences, and they believed she was old enough to understand that. 

“Of course I gave the shoes to her,” she said in a since-deleted response video. “Y’all are barely spending time with your family. I’ve been seeing people ruining the holidays for their kids. But, because I did a Christmas prank on my sister and had some fun with her, I’m ruining her life?” 

She continued, saying the prank was simply to “teach her a lesson” and not intended to take the joy away from the holiday entirely. In the response, she showed her sister receiving the Uggs, and viewers watched her face light up with gratitude. 

Family Gives Little Girl Coal For Christmas Because She Was Naughty All Year Photo:  FatCamera / Canva Pro

Sometimes, all we need is a reminder that actions do have consequences, whether that comes from Santa or something else.

That’s a lesson that everyone should be reminded of, whether you’re an adult or a kid. 

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