Bride Shares The Emotional Video She Sent To Her Mom Who Was Unable To Make It To Her Wedding

She refused to keep her mother out of the wedding loop even if her physical presence wasn't there.

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A bride's special day was met with some unexpected setbacks after her mother was unfortunately unable to make it to the ceremony. However, the bride, Jessica Berrier, didn't let that deter her and came up with a heartwarming way to still include her mother, even though her physical presence wasn't there.

She filmed an emotional video to send to her mom who couldn't attend the wedding.

While weddings are full of twists and turns, nothing could've prepared Berrier for the news that her mother would be unable to be there for her joyful and special day. The newlywed bride explained that her mother had been involved in a serious car accident right before the wedding, and her extensive injuries were preventing her from being there in person.


Berrier opened the video with a tearful greeting, "Hi, Mom. Good morning, it is my wedding day. Miss you, Mom." Choking back a sob, it was clear that Berrier struggled without her mom on her big day. 



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At another point in the video message, Berrier was in her wedding dress and about to walk out but before she did, she had to let her mother know how she was feeling.

"Hi, Mom, I am about to walk down the aisle and everybody just left the bridal suite. So, it's just me, I'm a little bit nervous. But, I just wanted to say how much I love you and I miss you. I wish you were here, but I also know that you'd want me to have a great day," Berrier continued, visibly holding back tears as she spoke directly to her mother.

She told her mother that she couldn't wait to go through videos and photos taken at the wedding with her, and even try on her wedding dress for her mother so that she could see how she looked in it.

 "I love you so, so much, and I miss you. I'm trying not to cry. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. You're an amazing woman and thank you for everything you've done," she added. "Alright, I'm going to go get married."


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In the comments section, people rallied together and shared their love for Berrier's resilience and bittersweet video.

"I can only imagine how hard it was not having her physically there. Your love for her shines through the videos and I hope she loves them," one TikTok user wrote. Another user added, "I lost my dad suddenly a few weeks before my wedding and it was really tough. This is so sweet," while a third user chimed in, "One of my biggest fears as a mother is not getting to be there for my babies' biggest days! I bet your mom is smiling and wishes you happiness."


"You were a gorgeous bride! I’m sorry you’re mom wasn’t able to be there. I am praying for her complete recovery," another wrote.

Berrier also made sure to inform viewers who were worried about her mother that she has been making significant progress every day since the horrific car accident. While it's been a tough road and there's still a long way to go, Berrier is thankful that her mother survived and expressed gratitude for everyone keeping her in their prayers.

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The outpouring of compassion in moments of life's unpredictability can be such a relief amid the pain and sadness that Berrier felt while walking down the aisle and not seeing her mother, one of the most important people in her life.

In an unforeseen circumstance such as the one Berrier and her mother experienced the bride's resilience to still make the day special, not only for her, but for her mother, was extremely commendable and proved that a love between a mother and daughter knows no bounds.

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