Bride Goes Against 'Conservative' Mother's Request And Wears A Sheer Wedding Dress — 'Your Day, Your Way'

She should be able to wear whatever she wants for her wedding day.

bride wearing sheer dress, mother and daughter hugging on wedding day Instagram / Los Muertos Crew / Pexels

A bride decided not to listen to her mother and instead wore a wedding dress that she had wanted to wear.

In a video shared on Instagram by Virginia Bridal Boutique, an account that often highlights brides on their big days, one bride, in particular, has gone viral for defying her mother's strict wishes on the type of wedding gown she was to wear as she walked down the aisle.

She went against her mother's request and decided to wear a sheer wedding dress.

“[Mother of the bride said] ‘I only want my daughter in a ballgown,’” was the overlay text written on the viral Instagram Reel clip, which featured an unnamed bride trying on wedding dresses at Celebration Bridal and Tux boutique in Lynchburg, Virginia. 


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In the clip, which has garnered over 30,000 likes, the redheaded bride is being filmed strutting toward the camera in an all-white strapless wedding dress that features a sheer floor-length skirt that shows the bottom half of her legs.


As the bride walks, another young woman hands her a bouquet of flowers. The two then strut off camera, as if to signify their disregard for the bride's mother's wishes for her daughter to wear a more traditional dress for her wedding.

In the caption of the post, it stated: "All jokes aside — it’s your day, your way," which not only encouraged the bride in the video but women everywhere that no one else's opinions on their wedding dresses should matter, so long as they feel comfortable and confident in it.

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Many people defended the bride against criticisms about her wedding dress.

Some commenters found the bride's choice of dress a bit too revealing for a wedding. “I am so sick of gowns that look like lingerie,” wrote one Instagram user.


Another user added, "Little girls trying to exert their independence but still need mommy to pay. How cute," while a third user chimed in, "That dress is too short for a wedding dress. [It] needs a bit of an underskirt.”

However, other people came to the bride's defense and hit back at all of the negative comments that attempted to force outdated standards onto a bride for what she chose to wear on her wedding day.

"Not the mom’s day. My mom tried to pull all kinds of shenanigans after backing out [of my wedding] two weeks beforehand because I didn’t want my day to be what she wanted. Good riddance," shared an Instagram user.

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A second user pointed out, "All these boomers in here saying it needs a liner underneath… Just because y’all wanna cover up doesn’t mean we do. Mind your business."

"This is the first step in solidifying a divide between you and your child. How you react or attempt to control your daughter on her path to her own life can have irreversible damage,” a third user advised, writing directly to the mother-of-the-bride.

The ability for a bride to choose what to wear not only empowers them to make decisions that reflect their desires and values but it grants them a sense of autonomy and control over their own wedding. It reinforces the notion that it is their special day and their choices should be respected.


Women should be allowed to create a memorable and meaningful experience that truly reflects their individuality and personal style without the negative input of other people. 

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