Bride Asks Wedding Videographer To Avoid Capturing Her Breastfeeding Sister On Camera

“I don’t care about being called prude. I didn’t want someone’s photo/videos with their chest out at my wedding regardless of context.”

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On one bride’s wedding day, she had a special request for her videographer: She wanted to avoid getting any shots of her sister at all costs.

The bride was concerned about her sister possibly flashing the camera since she is often breastfeeding her infant without attempting to conceal herself.

The woman said that her sister’s “entitled” attitude has been an issue in the past, and she does not want to put up with it on her wedding day.


The bride asked her wedding videographer not to film her breastfeeding sister during her big day.

Sharing her story to the subreddit r/TwoHotTakes, the 29-year-old woman said that she recently got married. One of her guests was her 31-year-old sister, along with her 5-month-old baby.

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Since they were children, the woman said that her sister’s personality was always problematic. “Her partner broke up with her a few months ago who alleged she was an ‘exhibitionist,’ and our side of the family is starting to see why he left her,” the woman wrote.

“My sister would usually breastfeed openly in public, and although I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding your child, I do think I’m not really tolerant of HOW she does it.”

“Most women in my community will breastfeed in public too, but will ensure they move to a more private spot (not the bathroom!) or bring nursing covers, and I don’t think it’s sexist and all because I see that as a courteous thing.”


However, the woman said that her sister likes to challenge the norms of society to evoke reactions out of others, including breastfeeding in front of others at inappropriate times. 

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Ahead of her wedding day, the woman requested her videographer avoid capturing any photos and videos of her sister while she was breastfeeding.


She also ensured that her sister would be seated in the middle of her guests during the ceremony so she would be as concealed as possible.

However, the bride’s sister noticed the videographer was not capturing any footage of her and her baby and made a fuss about it.

“My bridesmaids on the wedding day managed to handle my sister as later I got to know she threw a stink about feeling neglected and hardly any pictures captured with her baby,” the bride wrote.

“Apparently, she had been nursing (maybe also to calm the baby down); therefore, the camera guy hired requested her to step out of the frame several times.”

The bride admitted that after learning this, she wanted to give her videographer an additional tip.


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“This has been a pattern of hers at several family events… and even some work events that she used to attend with her partner,” she wrote. “All of us have made an effort in the past to communicate with her, but she gets argumentative, and I didn’t want to have to deal with her drama.”


“I don’t care about being called prude. I didn’t want someone’s photo/videos with their chest out at my wedding regardless of context.” 

Most people agreed with the bride’s request, especially if her sister’s actions were only for attention.

“Nothing against public breastfeeding, but I wouldn’t want to see that in my formal wedding photos or video — especially if she’s doing it for the attention,” one Redditor commented.

“I think how you handled keeping this off-camera in a wedding video was fine. It would be inappropriate for the videographer to capture anyone breastfeeding and keep the footage without their express consent,” another user wrote.

“Well handled! Congratulations on the way you arranged things and on picking the right photographer. You avoided drama at your event without being overbearing. Your sister is a real peach, isn't she?” another shared.


While most people agreed that the bride was within her right not to want her sister breastfeeding featured in her wedding video, they also noted that breastfeeding, in general, is not something that mothers should feel as if they need to hide themselves away from others for. 

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“As for breastfeeding in public, I'm not going to go hide in a corner alone for half an hour every 2 hours because my baby eats constantly. Nobody else is asked to leave for things they cannot control,” one user wrote.


“Breastfeeding is natural, and babies deserve to eat when they need to, and mothers deserve to feed their kids when they need to,” another user commented.

Some people believed that it was unfair of the bride to describe her sister as an “exhibitionist” for simply feeding her child during a wedding.

Breastfeeding is a natural, biological function. It is not something that should be shameful or concealed in public settings.


However, on your wedding day, it is your right to request certain photos and videos you want (and don’t want) captured on your big day.

And if anyone has an issue with breastfeeding in general, they can simply have a child-free wedding so they don’t have to worry about it.

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