10 Tips & Tricks For Making Foreplay Last Longer

Enhance your sex life with these naughty tips.

10 Tips & Tricks For Making Foreplay Last Longer weheartit

Foreplay is so important to your sex life — especially when you're in a committed relationship. Whether you've been married for ten years or just dating for a few months, mutually satisfying foreplay can be the key to deeper intimacy and maintaining the health of your relationship.

But what can you do to prolong the experience? How do you tease and tantalize to build that slow fire for hotter sex and leave your partner begging for more?


We wanted great answers, so we went straight to the pros. YourTango Experts Larry Michel and Kim Olver offer their best tips and tricks for how to make foreplay last longer

1. Don't use pornography as a guide.

What you see in XXX-rated movies and on the Internet is nothing like the real world.

2. Text explicit messages of exactly what you want to do to each other when you get home.



Send several throughout the day.

3. Truly listen.

By that, I mean that you hear everything your partner is telling you and not just what you want to hear.

4. Use food as foreplay.

At dinner, feed each other in a provocative way. Use your fingers and see who can maintain eye contact the longest.


5. Ask your partner what gets him/her excited.

Is it something you say or something you do? You may find that a teasing, unexpected text in is all it takes for your partner to be hot and ready for you when you get home. Or you may find out that a gentle back rub is the best way for your partner to drop all of the day's distractions and melt into your arms.

6. Leave the dishes in the sink while you kiss your way through the house.

Nothing will kill the mood faster than domestic chores. 

7. Ask for what you want... and get it.

If you say softer, then your partner should lighten up. If you say faster, then your partner should speed up. Let him/her know when it's just right.


8. Share a glass of wine together and do some sexy dancing.

You want to demonstrate just how special this person is to you.


9. Don't assume that your partner wants the same thing every time.

He/she will lust after you more than you can imagine if he/she knows that you are always alert to his/her desires. In fact, he/she will not be able to get enough of you.

10. Send each other love notes.

Make them surprising.