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Relationships are not "hard work". Our personal work is the hard work. When that is done, relationships flow, even through the most difficult challenges.

About Larry Michel

AKA “The Love Shepherd” Larry Michel is the founder of the Institute of Genetic Energetics, a Master ERP™ and host of The Love Matters Podcast. Hes a breakthrough relationship coach, author, trainer, speaker and producer.  As the Founder and voice of TheFourAnswers.com he’s brought to the world the only scientifically proven online compatibility system that unlocks the mysteries and reveals the true motivations behind our actions, from devastating emotional upsets to our most joyous and blissful experiences. Larry dedicates his life to creating possibility for all of us to live in courageous intimacy, in deep connectivity and in our full loving expression.

For nearly 40 years the Institute of Genetic Energetics has been delivering an understanding into our unique energetics so that people can learn to effectively identify and accommodate for differences, plus embrace their own unique characteristics. The results are saved relationships, successful dating, dramatically enhanced performance in business, education, parenting and a beginning to an end to many forms of sexual dysfunction and bullying. Please accept a free gift from of a Personal Energetic Profile from Larry at ​https://services.thefouranswers.com/view/personalenergeticprofile/index.php

I am available for personal and professional coaching and consulting and I guarantee an absolutely positively transformation experience. Contact me at Larrym@TheFourAnswers.com

Larry Michel Success Stories

Helpful, game changing with valuable personal attention


"The information itself is helpful and game changing, but even more valuable was the personal explanation of what it all meant for me."more

"I went into my time with Larry with nervous excitement, unsure of what to expect, but knowing that it'd be interesting. That hour turned out to be unbelievably illuminating. Larry took the time to ask about myself and my past relationship, and then used that context to explain my Energetics.

Aspects of myself that I had always wondered about, or been confused by, Larry was able to explain using the matrix and suddenly I was able to see patterns from my relationships much more clearly. Knowing my 4 Lifestyle traits, and how they align with my former partner, put so much into perspective and gave me a deeper understanding of our compatibility, as well as a working knowledge to apply in my next relationships. The information itself is helpful and game changing, but even more valuable was Larry's personal explanation of what it all meant for me. He spent as long as I needed to help me make sense of all of this and to learn how to use this to inform my choices moving forward. I can't thank Larry enough for this invaluable gift; I know that my relationships moving forward will be hugely strengthened because of what I now know about myself.”

-Sarah Stimson

Comfortable and non-judgmental


"...Comfortable and non-judgmental"more

“The experience of being with Larry was so comfortable and non judgmental. Larry and I were two different communication styles, yet I really felt heard and understood. I highly recommend this system and a session with Larry to anyone curious to connect to their true nature. My next relationship I will definitely consult with Larry. Thank you for creating this for the world.”

- Sheilla

The beauty of this system is its simplicity


"The beauty of this system is its simplicity"more

“In one of Larry's interviews he said that, "when I found out the problem I asked how to fix it" - answer-you don't, it's like your blood type. The beauty of this system is its simplicity. You are a cheetah and the other may be an elephant. Different species. Good to know what your species is. Knowing allows you to nurture and create from your nature, not how to contort into someone else's nature. This system informs you that you are you. Cheetah or elephant one is not better than the other, just different. Know who you are and celebrate. Thank you MatchMatrix.”


"I am especially appreciative of the time and care you took"


"I am especially appreciative of the time and care you took in the Laser Coaching Session...."more

“Many Thanks to you and your staff for the Energetic Romance Report. This report was extremely helpful in giving me understanding about my own energetic profile and that of a former partner. I am especially appreciative of the time and care you took in the Laser Coaching Session last evening to help me better understand my own energetic profile and its impact on others. This new learning is very exciting to me. I have always been aware that my high energy level could be problematic for some in my relationships in life. For a romantic partner without the same level of energy it has been especially difficult. Going forward I will seek out a partner with the same energy level as my own. With my better understanding of my Genetic Energy characteristics and how these characteristics influence my relationships I hope to be more successful in deepening my relationships with family, and friends. With a clearer understanding of where I have been in relationships I look forward to attracting a new partner into my life.

Thanks you so much again for your insights and encouragement for future relationships.”

  - Beth M

I no longer felt like I failed the marriage...


"I no longer felt like I failed the marriage...  It was just a matter of two people that were as different as possible."more

“I had the privilege of a private session with Larry yesterday. The charts and the system, Genetic Energetics, are truly accurate. It helped me understand my ex husband and the mechanism of the misfiring of the entire marriage. I no longer felt like I failed the marriage; I no longer felt that I was wrong; I no longer felt that I destroyed my children's lives. It was just a matter of two people that were as different as possible. There was not one aspect of our charts that did not resonate. I trust having this information will change the attitude I created around him.

On the positive side, it was a joy to find out that my children and I are on the same vibrational wave, whew!”


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