12 Pros & Cons Of Prenups

12 Pros & Cons Of Prenups [EXPERT]

We asked over 100 experts about the impact of prenuptial agreements on marriage, and the response overwhelming. In fact, 86% of experts polled agree that prenups have no predictable impact on marriage with regard to a couple's likelihood of divorce!

Still, couples considering marriage want to know whether it's a good idea to sign such a contract before tying the knot. So, we delved a little deeper to find out the pros and cons of prenups, according to experts. And here they are:

Pro: The most common reason couples fight is because of finances. Getting it all out on the table up front will help with discussing financial matters down the road. —Carol Clark

Con: If both parties are young and are just starting out with relatively equal contributions, then it does not seem to make sense to have a prenup signed. It erodes trust immediately and can leave one feeling suspicious as to the motives of the other. —Dr. John Beiter

Pro: Spending habits need to be considered. If one person spends irresponsibly and the other person is frugal/responsible then in order to be fair in the event of a death or divorce the one who saved should not be "penalized" twice. —Dr. John Beiter

Con: Fool-proof crystal balls are in short supply these days. It's hard to anticipate every change in circumstance that might occur between the time a prenuptial agreement is written and when the marriage falls apart. What seems reasonable in 2012 might be ridiculously unfair to one of the spouses ten or twenty years later. —Meri Arnett-Kremian

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