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10 years +


Troy MI 48083 - United States



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Health Coach, Personal Development Coach, Psychologist, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Therapist

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



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I am very passionate about the work I do involving marital and sex therapy. I developed and use a communications tool in my practice to facilitate in the understanding of the psychology of your sexuality. It can be found at www.BSPItest.com In order to begin the process of healing, one needs to feel accepted and free of any judgment which sometimes can only be found in the therapeutic relationship. I strive to create that type of nurturing environment with my clients. My approach draws primarily on a humanistic framework and integrates aspects of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic orientations.

About John Beiter

Reinvigorate your romantic relationship!
Are you motivated to breakout of your old patterns of relating to embrace new worlds that will emerge and allow you to feel alive and excited again? Are you tired of not knowing how to get the spark back in your relationship? Then the time has come for you to ignite your relationship with pleasure, fun and intimacy and this is where we can work together.  There are many reasons why the romance in a relationship cools over time, yet your love for each other can still run deep. 
My passion is about being an integral part of your journey toward deeper levels of connection and fulfillment in your relationship, and there are techniques to revitalize your intimacy!   I utilize a hybrid approach of coaching and therapy to break old habits, gain insight into unhealthy relational patterns and move you toward relationship wholeness and a deeper more intimate connection.
Areas of expertise include: couples/marital relationships, inhibited sexual desire, sexual communication, erectile dysfunction, alternative sexual lifestyles, body image issues, self-esteem, health & fitness, and men’s issues.
Part of what fuels my intense interest in healthy sexuality is the discoveries I made from my clinical practice in how difficult it remains for couples – both young and old – to communicate sexually.  I look to provide a comfortable means to share one’s sexuality and communicate sexual frustrations and desires to strengthen your relationship.  I invite you to take my confidential and anonymous survey of self-discovery and share your sexual preferences with your significant other at www.bspitest.com .
If your love needs a refreshing boost, please feel free to contact me at 412-398-7383 or beiterjw@aol.com.  I look forward to helping you reinvigorate the heat into your relationship!

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John Beiter Success Stories

Erectile Dysfunction: Help I've fallen and can't get back up!

Men with sexual dysfunctions

Many men will seek my help to work out the psychological issues behind flaccid erections and for erections that respond too quickly. A lot of men will have been checked out by a urologist and masturbate to successful orgasm. They will then determine it is something "psychological" and want to work through the issues.

Save our marriage


Many couples that come to see me will open the session by stating that marital therapy is their last hope for saving the relationship, otherwise, divorce will be the next step. Needless to say, many couples seek therapy when the pain becomes too intense to continue in their relationship and they are seeking immediate relief. Some of the major issues that I have addressed include anger, infidelity, Internet pornography use and/or abuse, communications, trust, emotional abuse, emotional distancing and low sexual desire. I help clients first understand how their individual relational patterns are combining to create their specific relationship. The clients work toward understanding their individual "love languages" and how to speak them along with learning the watermark test of interpersonal relationships. Clients learn how to acknowledge and validate each other's feelings and finds ways to bring new meanings along with different perspectives to develop deeper intimate connections with each other.

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