3 Ways To Break Out Of Your Relationship Rut

At the beginning of a relationship, every single thing is so exciting! Cuddling together on the couch, watch a movie and ordering in takeout is romantic. Running errands together is fun. You don't think you'll ever get bored with this guy! Fast forward a year or two, and you can't believe you're spending yet another Friday night on the couch with your man, eating from a chinese food box, and the thought of another Saturday running errands together sounds so incredibly boring. Many women think that feeling so uninspired by their relationship is a sign that the end is near, but that is not always the case. We often fall into ruts in all aspects of our lives, including our love life-but the good news is that it's temporary. With a bit of creativity it's easy to bust relationship boredom for good!  Here's how.

1. Don't wait for him to initiate. If you're the one feeling bored, it's up to you to initiate a change! Perhaps your partner is perfectly content with your routine, and isn't aware that you aren't...time to let him know. Explain how you feel and go one step further by suggesting or making plans that are anything but boring. Buy tickets to a show you've been hearing great things about, or make reservations at a restaurant that you have been wanting to try. You might have to take the first step, but don't worry...he'll be right behind you.

2. Get real. Love isn't always a scene straight out of a romantic comedy. Sometimes love is boring...and there is nothing wrong with it. If anything, it can be an indication that things are going well.  When a couple can just be together, without fancy restaurants or fun activities or excitment, it shows that you are comfortable together and don't feel like you need to put on a show or entertain your partner. You don't need to look your best, and he doesn't need to wine and dine you every time you're together... you're past all that, and doesn't it feel great?

3. Switch up the little things. If you are really in a relationship rut, the small things matter more than the large ones. One fancy dinner out won't cure your boredom, so you've got to get in the habit of making any time you spend together special. If you're making dinner together at home for what feels like the hundredth time, put on some music and dance around the kitchen in your pajamas, or crack open a fancy bottle of wine. Who cares if it's a random Tuesday night? Make it count!  When running errands, hold your man's hand and surprise him with a lunch date. Small changes to your attitude and behavior add up to big relationship changes...bye, bye boredom!