5 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away

Have you ever been dating a man you are really interested in when all of a sudden he stops responding to your calls and cancelling dates? It's a confusing place to be because you're left wondering where things went wrong. When a man starts pulling away it can be for many different reasons. Here are the top five reasons why your guy is shutting you out.

1. He just isn't that into you. The first few dates with someone are similar to an interview. You're testing the waters to see if there is enough interest and attraction to proceed to another date.  A guy might realize on the third or fourth date that there isn't potential for a long-term relationship with you, and rather than tell you to your face, he simply stops returning your calls.  In a guy's mind this isn't an egregious jerk move-to him, it would be worse to sit you down and tell you why he isn't feeling it. Plus, since you just started dating, he doesn't feel that he owes you an explanation. It's all part of the dating process.

2. He met someone else. When a guy is just dating around, he might be juggling two or three different women and it's perfectly allowed. It's not cheating because he isn't committed to anyone...yet.  Eventually he'll need to decide which woman he wants to date seriously-most women will only put up with being one of three for so long. When his mind and heart are focused on someone else, he'll be unable to keep dating anyone else.

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