4 Ways To Tell If He's The One

Drew Barrymore recently got married for her third, and hopefully last time. Many women see themselves when they look at Drew, because she's a woman who is so optimistic about finding love, and no matter how many times she stumbled along the way, she never seemed to lose hope that she would indeed one day find the one.

So how can you tell if you've found your Mr. Right?

1. He accepts you for who you are right now, not who you want to be and never tries to change you. Are you able to be your authentic self 24/7 with him? We're talking bad days, good days, and yep, pms days. We all have those sides to ourselves that we might not be too proud of, things we'd rather hide, and a slew of bad habits, but you should never have to fake the funk in a relationship. You'll know he is the One if he not only sticks around through it all, but falls in love with you even more.

2. You trust him. I'm not just talking about commitment, although that is a huge part of the equation as well. Trust goes well beyond cheating. Do you trust him enough to share your life with him and to begin looking at the world as a team? Are you comfortable sharing your goals and dreams with him, no matter how far fetched they may seem, and more importantly, do you trust that he'll support you in any way that he can? Are you open to his views and hopes for the future as well? Think of trust like the foundation of the life you're building together...if it's shaky, everything else will be too .

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