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9 Compliments Men Secretly Crave (To Majorly Boost Their Confidence)

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Compliments Men Crave

Women are shot with self-esteem boosting arrows from men regularly in the form of compliments, from the street whistler to the rando at the bar to the sincere guy we're dating. Everywhere we turn, somebody seems to think we've got it goin' on.

However, aside from the mouths of their mamas, men rarely are on the receiving end of a sweet sentiment from a beautiful woman. So a girl who can fire off a meaningful compliment will separate herself from the pack of others, too self-absorbed to realize guys need loving too.

Here are some warm fuzzies guaranteed to heat him up. And who knows  you may even get a compliment in return.

1. "You're so good at (fill in the blank)."

Compliment your man on his talents whether it's in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the gym, or in the garage. A guy wants to hear how good he is at the skills he works hard to perfect.

2. "You make me feel so (safe, beautiful, happy, horny  anything that's a direct reflection of his efforts)."

This is one of the most sincere compliments you can give your man and one of the most deeply appreciated because it's heartfelt. A guy who likes you is trying hard to make you feel good so let him know it's working.

3. "You're SO hot! I love your (insert specific physical attribute  eyes, smile, abs, shoulders)."

It's one thing to tell a guy that he's good looking, but telling him specifically what makes him so dreamy will give his ego an extra little lift. And when you serve up this accolade, gently touch the body part you're applauding to add extra sizzle to your compliment.

4. "I love spending time with you."

This compliment shows a guy that you like him, not because of who he is on the outside his looks, his status or his money  but that you like him because of who he is on the inside.

5. "I love the way you look in that (insert specific article of clothing)."

While most guys aren't as style obsessed as we are, they still want to be acknowledged for making an effort to look good, especially since they're doing it mostly to impress you. However, they take more pride in how they appear in an article of clothing than their ability to pick it out, so focusing on how the thing makes him look instead of the thing itself will give him a much bigger boost.

6. "This was the best date/gift/wine selection at dinner (or some other acknowledgement of when he's tried to impress you)."

Positively reinforcing a guy who's making an effort to show you a good time makes him feel like that effort was worth it. So show a little appreciation by acknowledging his job well done with a verbal high-five.

7. "You're so good at your job."

Recognizing a man's brain power and how good he is at his job will resonate loudly with him and say a lot about you. Most women are impressed by a man's career status or how much money he makes, but acknowledging how hard he works, or how dedicated he is and that you admire him for it, will warm his heart.

8. "You have a wonderful family" or "I like your friends."

Girls don't always get along with a guy's friends and/or his family, so knowing that you respect and genuinely like his will mean the world to him.

9. "What would I do without you?"

Guys want to feel needed. Whether it's to open a pickle jar or to help you with your taxes, one of the greatest feelings in the world for them is feeling like you can't live without them. Letting him know that you need him in that neo-traditionalist way will certainly give him a healthy machismo boost.