What The Colors You Wear Say About Your Personality

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What The Colors You Wear Say About You & Your Personality

The color you wear most has an immense power over your mood, attitude and how you're perceived. You might put more thought into your clothing when you buy something new, especially after reading about what the colors you wear say about you.

Most of us don’t usually wear our favorite color, but the colors we do wear can have a similar meaning.

Here are 11 colors that are part of a normal wardrobe. Whether your closet is full of one color or more, the clothing color meaning behind each is directly related to your personality.

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1. Black

Black is a color that imparts power; however, too much black can be, well... overpowering.

So, be cautious not to over-do it, and offset it with colorful accessories. Black is also popular in fashion because it's classic and elegant.


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2. White

White clothing can help you look clean and innocent. It also can imply that you're an organized and detail-oriented person.

Too much white can wash you out, so add something bold and bright to break up the monotony.

3. Blue

Blue is one of the most common clothing colors. It can help keep you (as well as others around you) calm. It also represents honesty and trustworthiness, which are great qualities to have.

Blue is always a great color choice. It's also why hospital employees, bank logos, and law enforcement uniforms are often blue.

4. Green

While green is a calming color that's easy on the eyes, it's also a color that represents nature. When you want to appear all-natural, green is the way to go.

Of course, shades of green make a big difference. Green is the color of money as well as envy and greed, so be careful not to wear too much green, especially deep green.

Green is also a military color. Army green can make you appear rigid, yet give the impression that you follow the rules, which isn't a bad thing.

5. Brown

Brown and other neutral colors actually make it easier to strike up a conversation.

So, if you're meeting new people and want to help initiate conversations, wearing shades of brown can help you do that. Brown is also the color of earth, so it can help you appear down-to-earth.

6. Gray

Gray is another neutral color that makes you look classic, reliable and organized. Of course, too much gray can appear boring, so add pops of brighter colors to carry off this look.

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7. Red

Red is a color of action, power and passion. It definitely shows that you want to be recognized when you walk into a room.

Red increases the heart rate and can call for action. It's bold, and if there's an occasion where you want to be bold and unforgettable, choose red.

8. Pink

Pink is also a color of passion, similar to red. But it's not as strong. It shows that you're vulnerable, and, of course, girly.

9. Purple

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Purple is a more rare color choice. People usually either love it or hate it.

Purple signifies royalty, so if you want to appear regal, purple is a great choice! It's also a sentimental color that shows uniqueness and artistic creativity.

10. Yellow

Yellow is a bright color that represents the sun. As such, it can mean you're bright and cheerful.

Yellow is also a color that can indicate fear, so if you're feeling timid or shy, avoid yellow. Yellow is harsh on the eyes, so always break it up with other colors.

11. Orange

Orange is a playful color that often represents children and learning. As it's a mix of red and yellow, it can also be a blend of those color personalities.

If you wear too much orange, you might not be taken seriously, so use it in moderation if you want to feel young or playful.

How does each color impact how you feel, and how others feel about you?


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Many colors can have multiple — and even opposite! — meanings, so be aware of how different colored outfits make you feel, as well as the type of reaction they draw from others.

Doing your own little color social experiment can help you identify what colors work best for you for different occasions and events. Too much of any color is overpowering, so try to break up monotone outfits with different colored accessories.

It ensures that your mood changes (for the better) and that others have a well-rounded impression of you.

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