Why Finding Your Purpose In Life Is SO Important To Your Happiness

Knowing where you're going changes everything.

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Many of us don’t think much about where our lives are heading — at least until milestone birthdays or until disasters happen. Things like divorce or cancer or death hit us in the face, and force us to really think about these questions. "Where am I going in life? What is life all about? What am I here for?"

Our sense of where we’re going is often, at best, fuzzy. We seem mostly just tossed about by events and happenings that we have little or no control over. Is there even a destination we can pin down?  


When I start pondering these questions, I think about one of my favorite books, The Hobbit.  The characters during the middle of the story are just stumbling along, fighting battles, surviving catastrophes, and are at the brink of disaster and even death at every turn. 

“What’s the use?” the novel's hero, Bilbo Baggins, could say to himself. But if you look at the story from a point far above and away, you see that Bilbo, an ordinary person, is on an extraordinary journey. He was asked to play a part in a bigger play. 

From my reading, the story is about eternal purposes. It’s a battle between good and evil, darkness and light. And though the characters often seem to be bumbling along on their own and fighting the storms and the demons solely by their own determination and wit, we discover that they're guided by the light of truth, justice, good, love, and doing right. 


Though the players are often demoralized and discouraged and some even die, the destination they're going to is real and shining in the distance.

So what place are you going? 

What bigger story are you part of? Find the story that's being lived out in your life, and suddenly that fuzzy place in the distance will become flooded with light. With that new vision, you will undertake your daily battles with a bright, bold purpose and you’ll have peace and a new power as well. And it's good to have some fellow travelers with you along the way!  

Let's all find the light we are called to!

"Later in one of his talks, Jesus said to the people, ‘I am the Light of the world. So if you follow me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, for living light will flood your path.'" John 8:12 (The Living Bible)


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