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About Suzy Brown

In 2000 I was divorced after 33 years of marriage, and I did not do well with that.  I went from anger to despair to totally pissed and back again through every negative emotion imaginable.  I  then continued to endure three years of agony, embarrassment and pain before I came to my senses and filed for divorce.

I could easily be writing this entry from the State Penitentiary. I was that mad when I found out my was band who had promised to love honor and cherish me through sickness and health for better or for worse until we died, told me he had a girlfriend.

Suddenly everywhere I turned, women were telling me their similar stories of betrayal and divorce. All of us were trying to cope the best we could on our own, but we needed help. So I started a small support group in an effort to make the trip through this emotional jungle easier for all of us. I decided on the name “RADiCAL,” meaning…


RADiCAL Meaning

We began to call ourselves the “Radical Women.” I asked a few of the women I knew who were going through a midlife divorce to meet every other week at my house. I put together a workbook to give some form to our first discussion because I was afraid we might all sit down around the table and just start crying and not be able to stop. I wanted some sort of agenda in hand to prevent that. As it happened, there were tears to be sure, but there was actually some laughing. My brother jokingly said that he would call during the first meeting, and if the only thing he heard in the background was uncontrollable sobbing, he would send help.

The first Radical group met on shaky legs, but after several years some of what we talked about led to my book Radical Recovery: Transforming the despair of your divorce into an unexpected good. Since then I haven’t stopped. I’ve been doing support groups, boot camps, expert interviews, TV appearances, articles, one-on-one mentoring, and everything you see here on our site.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are going through a divorce, and our side of the story is probably your side, too. None of us wanted to be divorced. But we had no choice. We gained strength and courage and confidence from each other every time we met. We hope you will benefit from our journey, too.

Suzy Brown Success Stories

Midlife Divorce Recovery Success Story

Women starting over

The following is an amazing divorce recovery success story from Nina, a Radical Woman from California.  Radical = Rising Above Divorce In Confidence And Love.  We have helped thousands of women like Nina, and we can help you.  Nina is already reaching out to help other women on the Divorce Recovery Journey.more

"Hey all, have any of you signed up for Suzy's "Master-Plan?"  I did, and it's been great.  This was my final month, so I brought the binder with me and spent most of yesterday and a little this morning going through all 12 sets of Power-Pages, answering questions I'd skipped, and re-answering ones that have changed since I did them the first time.  It was truly a power-FULL experience!!  I have come back feeling hopeful, and at a new level of acceptance of my situation and excited to roll up my sleeves and jump into my new life.  It didn't hurt that I was on the beach in the sun with the waves as I read through everything!

"But wherever you are, I highly recommend the exercise.  I still need to fill out my Vision Pages ... I didn't realize that it was more than writing.  I'm exciting to make a collage!

And later, she wrote this:  "I had so much fun putting together the Vison Pages that are included in the final installment of Suzy's Master-Plan.  I just had to write to encourage you all to sign up for it.  I really need to emphasize that what made doing the Vision Pages project so amazing was that it was the culmination/summation of everything that had gone before.  I honestly didn't know what to expect when I ordered the Master-Plan a year ago.  I just knew I was desperate and I also then to thrive on some structure, so knowing I would have some help come in the mail each month was a lifeline for me!

"Every month I received a packet with Power Pages that had articles, journal prompts, quotes, funny "things not to do," and other writings to help me "dive deep" into the process of recovery and transformation.  I'd already read the Radical Recovery book before ordering the Plan, but the book is included (I gave mine to a friend and then we read it together).  A CD is included each month, too, where Suzy interviews an expert on the month's topic.  The last month sums everything up, help us assess our goals, gifts, and dreams and where we find ourselves now and gives clear instructions on how to craft our own Mission Statement and also how to create the Vision Pages. 

"I  know I sound like an advertisement, but I just can't say enough about this program.  As a pastor/lay counselor/spiritual director/healing prayer practitioner, I  have had a lot of training and read a lot of materials.  This binder will forever be in my arsenal to help others through this mess of divorce and to continue to help me as I traverse all the twists and turns that are ahead.

If you want to stop feeling like you're feeling, and get started healing today, click here to find out more about the Radical Master-Plan.  Check out the options available to sign up.  You can take control of your life again, help your children through this challenging time and get rid of the loneliness you're feeling by connecting with other women who "get it."  You can join other Radical Women who are joining together to encourage and support each other on this journey through divorce.  

You are not alone!  We are here to help you every step of the way.  If you have questions or need more information contact me at suzy@midlifedivorcerecovery.com or contact me at 816-941-4911.

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