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3 Suuuuper-Sexy Aphrodisiacs That Will Make Your Lover BEG For It

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Make Your Lover BEG For It

I shared with you the 3 Super-Sexy Herbs That Double As G-Spot Aphrodisiacs. Now, let’s expand our horizons to include some sexy herbs from exotic places, like India, South America, and Africa. These herbs may be more difficult to find, more difficult to take (due to strange tastes), and more difficult to use, as most need to be taken daily for a month or more before results are evident.

While herbal tinctures are generally preferable to capsules, as tinctures are safer and more effective, some of these sexy herbs are available only in capsules.

Let's explore!

1. Guarana

Guarana is the favorite aphrodisiac and potency enhancer in Brazil. The peeled, dried, roasted, pulverized seeds are the part used, so it is almost always taken in capsules. It not only increases desires in both men and women, it strengthens the nervous system, and it considered a potent aid to continued good health and freedom from chronic illness.

A cup of damiana leaf infusion — or a full teaspoon of the tincture — taken just before the fun begins, will improve her interest and his staying power.

Damiana liquor, available where alcohol is sold, will do the same, if you stick to just one small drink. To make the infusion, pour a quart of boiling water over an ounce of the dried leaf and steep, covered, for 4-10 hours.

2. Potency Wood

Also known as muira puama, potency wood is a South American herb that helps us find the ecstasy when life seems like way too much. Potency wood is for those who are just too exhausted, too tired, too run down, and too weak to be lovers, even with themselves. From 50–70 percent of those using 1-2 cups of tea or 1-2 dropperfuls of tincture twice a day reported intensification of libido, stimulation of arousal and erection, and improvement in pleasure.

Caution: May lower blood pressure.

3. Yohimbe bark

Yohimbe bark, from a tropical west African plant, is a friend to old(er) lovers. Use of the tincture or capsules will improve blood flow to all of the erectile tissues, including the penis and clitoris), enhancing desire, and increase smooth muscle relaxation, enhancing orgasm. It increases the amount of norepinephrine, a compound found in the blood which is essential for his erection and her heat, and which decreases with age.

Yohimbe is especially helpful for those with diabetes or heart disease. Yohimbe hydrochloride is the only FDA-approved anti-impotence herbal drug. Its effects include increased stamina, heightened sensation, and greater sexual desire. Consistent use of yohimbe tincture helps 81 percent of impotent men achieve erections. 

Cautions: Yohimbe can lower blood pressure or cause kidney problems. It is a short-term MAO inhibitor; do not combine with high-tyramine foods such as cheese, chocolate, nuts, beer, red wine, red grape juice, or aged meat; nor with tyrosine or phenylalanine supplements. Do not use concurrently with antidepressants, sedatives, antihistamines, caffeine, or amphetamines. It may be agitating to the nervous system.

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