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About Susan Saint-Welch

I am a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.  I teach people how to read their innermost thoughts, feelings, and values, (their "core"). I then teach them how to use this as a barometer of what is going on internally, in their current situation, to guide them towards feeling better. They can then make decisions out of desire rather than avoidance of something negative.

I provide psychotherapy all across California, both in-person and online using a secure site. I also offer professional coaching throughout the United States. Please see my website for further information: https://lifeandrelationships101.com/

My mission is to create a forum where people will begin to appreciate that the past does not have to predict the future. If we can learn how to make better choices, and practice the skills that work more effectively for us, we can begin to create a life that fits us more fully and positively. I teach people skill-building and concepts that improve one's Self-Esteem, relationships and life goals that are fulfilling. How we feel about ourselves is what we attract in other people. The healthier we are emotionally, the healthier are the people we attract to us. 

One of my favorite mantras is “We don’t know what we don’t know”. It is this lack of information that can very much affect the choices we make in life. It could determine if we will be happy or not. Or if we live under a low ceiling of expectations, not feeling hopeful that things can be better than they were in our past. It is this mantra that I fully believe opens the door to new and positive possibilities through learning new skills and concepts that positively affect our thinking and actions.

I write articles detailing and skills affecting life, relationships, and self-esteem with the hope of introducing new ways of experiencing life and improving relationships. We must love ourselves first before we can love our life and give and receive love from others.

My goal is to develop a speaker series where I can promote these concepts and skills to audiences on a more personal level. I want to reach people who may not be exposed to the possibility of a great life and the love that is waiting for them. 

I have been in private practice since 2004, developing and refining the philosophies and techniques presented here. I have counseled individuals seeking a relationship, and those seeking a more satisfying life. I have also counseled couples seeking to either improve or repair their relationship.

When I first began in the psychotherapy field, I worked with runaway teens in a group home, and helped to create one of the first emancipation training centers for teens. Following that, I was in the corporate world with extensive experience in training managers, counseling employees, account management, and management consultations for corporations. I provided training and coaching in business, which included assistance with executive decision-making in the workplace.



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