5 Steps To Bring Romance Back & Turn Quarantine Into A Second Honeymoon

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5 Steps To Bring Romance Back & Turn Quarantine Into A Second Honeymoon

Do you remember the early days of your marriage, when going to work meant pulling yourself away from the spouse you adored?

Do you recall when you spent hours at work, dreaming about coming home, walking in the door, hugging, kissing, and dragging each other to bed?

Can you recall your husband bringing you flowers and trinkets every week, his love notes tucked under your pillow?

Back in the good old days, your wife had your favorite meals ready when you came home each night and wore fabulous lingerie to the dinner table. Didn’t she make you feel like the luckiest man on Earth?

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Life was so great when you awakened every morning, feeling happy to be alive and loving each other so much!

Where did all the passion and romance go? What about the joy you felt when you walked through your front door every night? Can you even remember that?

Years have passed and you’ve taken each other for granted for so long that you think it’s normal. You watch your friends hanging on to their relationships from a place of fear — to avoid the expenses of a divorce and the disruption of their home life.

What about the people who are secretly marking off the days until their youngest is in college? They’ve forgotten how to be happy together — and happy together means being in love.

Are you dreaming of someone new walking in the door and sweeping you off your feet? Or imagining your high-school sweetie, your first lover, all grown up and finally appreciating you?

How about that cutie from Jamaica years ago, if that heat had lasted? Well, they keep showing up in your dreams!

As a husband, do you think porn is OK because everyone does it? If it’s okay, then stop hiding it from your wife! Yeah, really, because there is no marriage without honesty — only two housemates pretending.

Since we're all staying home week after week due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it's time to learn how to bring romance back and go on your second honeymoon... at home!

Here are the 5 steps you need to take to reset the romance and turn your quarantine into a second honeymoon.

1. Dance together.

Every woman wants to be danced around the kitchen.

Husbands, pick out her favorite music, not yours.

Wives, you can put on music and ask him to dance instead of waiting and waiting for him to make the first move!

2. Spice up your sex life.

Every man loves cleavage.

Wives, if you can, grab a new push-up bra online!

Husbands, check out the latest bra size in your wife's lingerie drawer and get busy shopping online.

And need I remind you about sex toys?

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3. Give each other gifts

Everyone loves little gifts.

Husbands, try not to make all your gifts about sex!

Wives, if your husband loves sports, reciprocate with a sporty gift to keep the generosity rolling.

4. Eat good food together.

Delicious food is a no-brainer, whether one of you cooks it or you have it delivered!

5. Arrange a movie night.

Watch one of your films and get into it with each other. Don't just fake it!

As a bonus, you can plan a vacation for when after you’ve survived this difficult time to set a positive vibe for the both of you and for your relationship. Make it your actual second honeymoon!

After all, a long-term relationship like marriage means that you are creating your future every day.

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