50 ‘Spring Cleaning’ Tips For Couples To Improve Their Relationship While In Coronavirus Quarantine

Don't let your relationship suffer while you're isolated.

50 ‘Spring Cleaning’ Tips For Couples To Improve Their Relationship While In Coronavirus Quarantine Getty

Have you considered "spring cleaning" your relationships?

Now that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has swept most Americans out of work and into their homes, it's time to make spring cleaning your relationship a priority.

Right now, you're probably listening to the news, making sure your home is sanitized, stocking groceries in your pantry, online shopping for toilet paper, creating a financial plan, and homeschooling your kids with online homework usurped your routine life.


While keeping your family safe is important, allowing the coronavirus to hijack your life and relationships is not.

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Time will provide you with countless opportunities to live in fear or bravely to create a more meaningful life. The depth of your relationships impacts your happiness, mental wellness, and physical health.


It is time to let go of any emotional residue from disappointment, frustration, anger, and sadness.

Whether you’re thinking of conspiracy theories or scared you’re going to catch COVID-19, you have a decision to make: Live in fear or create happiness.

If you worry during tumultuous times, challenge yourself to embrace a new mindset. Wisdom dictates you not only make the best of any situation, but also to find new opportunities in them.

Your relationships with others are often a reflection of how you treat yourself.

While home, how can you rest, play, and reflect on things you enjoy in life? How can you be active and emotionally resilient during this health crisis?


Do you withdraw and wish to be alone? Or do you reach out and cling to the people around you?

If you are a hard worker and have put too much time and energy into your career, perhaps other areas in your life or relationships have been neglected?

Our thoughts and behaviors influence, if not determine, our emotional health. Good, long-term friends help us live longer and more meaningful lives.

How are you empowering the coronavirus to steal your life? How does obsessing over things you can’t control make you feel?

This tumultuous time can provide opportunities to build your emotional resilience and spend more time on interpersonal relationships. It is time to sweep away your fear and embrace life.


Healthy relationships with others require consistent time, attention, and consideration.

The natural consequence of not making healthy, conscious choices is usually making mindless or fear-based decisions.

How healthy or unhealthy is that? Which people deserve your investment of caring, time, and attention?

Regardless of whether or not your relationships are thriving, you have conflicts, or you feel neglected, there are some things you can do to spring clean your relationships.

Here are 50 spring cleaning tips for couples to improve their relationships while in quarantine and isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Make a list of 100 things and people that make you happy.


2. Do things on the list that you can right now.

3. Call, Skype, FaceTime, or safely visit the people you can right now.

4. Make cards with your kids and send them to loved ones who are sick or alone.

5. Create a family tree.

6. Ask your parents and grandparents about crises they’ve lived through.

7. Interview your parents and grandparents.

8. Write letters to loved ones letting them know what you admire or appreciate about them.

9. Share with friends and family or write down three things each night for which you’re grateful. Make them different each day.

10. Practice mindfulness by not multitasking anything.

11. Cook dinner with a loved one.

12. Make cookies with your children.


13. Play hide-and-seek as a family in the dark.

14. Pick up that hobby you used to love.

15. Read a book.

16. Sleep in or rest in bed all day.

17. Have sex with your partner.

18. Go for a walk in nature.

19. Watch a movie together you will all enjoy.

20. Play chess.

21. Practice a musical instrument.

22. Play dominoes.

23. Sing your favorite song.

24. Play board games.

25. Play cards.

26. Teach someone something you enjoy.

27. Play charades in candlelight.

28. Journal about what you love about your life and how it’s made it meaningful.

29. Cheer up someone who is sad or worried by complimenting them or reassuring them.

30. Be kind.

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31. Make bread or cupcakes.

32. Be generous with compliments and helpfulness.

33. Be accountable and say you’re sorry.

34. Ask for forgiveness.

35. Read a book to or with your child.

36. Download the "Gottman Card Deck" app and get to know your partner again.

37. Look for something unique in each person you meet and appreciate them for it.

38. Say "please."


39. Say "thank you."

40. Say you’re not right — and possibly even wrong — about something.

41. Take an online class.

42. Work from home, but enjoy lunch with your family.

43. Take a walk around your neighborhood.

44. Pet an animal.

45. Help a neighbor or someone who needs it.

46. Pray together.

47. Read the Bible and discuss what you read and how it applies to you and your family.

48. Do yoga at home watching YouTube videos.

49. Color with gel pens.

50. Give your kids your full attention and engage with them in their favorite playtime activities.

Hopefully, you’ve decided on better ways to use your time instead of worrying about things out of your control.


If not, or you feel a sad having read this list, don’t worry — you’re not alone. It just means you’ve worked hard and need to prioritize making fun, quality memories.

Experiment until you get rid of all negative residue and make your space happy. After all, misery needs a better role model!

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Laila A. Daniel, MA is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Fayetteville, NC. Email her if you’re interested in Telemental Health Counseling.