Why Lingerie Might Be A Terrible Valentine's Day Gift

woman with a gift on her lap

This husband learns what Valentine's Day love is all about, and it isn't sexy lingerie.

I was so excited. I had found the thing that would heat up our Valentine's night. It looked just right, I found the right size, and I thought the color was extremely hot. I went ahead and paid for it, and my Valentine's Day shopping was officially done.

A couple days later, I was having a conversation with my Beautiful Wife about Valentine's day. I told her that I had purchased a couple things and also something that she wouldn't normally get for herself.

She gave me a "What-chu-talkin-bout-Willis?" look. It contained a hint of disbelief, loaded with lots of disdain. The first question was: "You ordered me something online?"

As we started talking about Valentine's Day—it became apparent to me that I had it all wrong. My concept of love has been messed up this whole time! How have I missed it for 10 years? How Men Think: Myths And Facts

Love isn't about what I can get out of the deal. Love is about what I can give. Without any strings attached. (There's a lingerie joke there somewhere, but I'm not going there).

While lingerie, or something steamy, might be a fun gift in your mind and it could very well backfire when you present it to your wife.

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