A Simple Soulful Practice That Helps You Find Your Way When You Feel Lost

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If you want to know how to find your life's purpose, healing the soul star chakra can help.

Your chakras house the underlying energetic and spiritual force orienting and shaping your life.   

Although not as well-known as the primary seven chakras running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, your Soul Star Chakra ("Vyapini" in Sanskrit) is inextricably linked to your soul mission and/or your life purpose.

The energy practice of soul star clearing helps you clarify that purpose and, thus, gives you more meaning, authentic commitment to the actions you take in life, better health, and greater well-being.

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How to find your life's purpose with the soul start chakra

What is the soul star chakra?

Your soul star chakra, Vyapini, is your connection to the divine or all that is, and it holds the energetic potential of your soul's mission. The energetic representation of your mission passes through this vortex and moves through your chakras from the crown downward.

Initially, the energy instills in you a sense of a desire for more and a need for change. As the energy builds and moves onward, you get an inkling of what your purpose is and the sense you're on the right track.

You may then notice a heartfelt welling of commitment. Ultimately, you'll be ready to make choices and take concrete steps. Overall, this process is inspirational.

However, instead of this ease and bliss, you may be experiencing your self-discovery process as slow, arduous, halting, confusing, and even demoralizing. But, actually, this is a fairly typical scenario that results when the energy of your mission gets stuck.

A soul star clearing can restore the natural flow and illuminate your life purpose as well as propel you along your journey.

This clearing can be powerful and help you overcome stuck patterns of resistance and embrace beliefs and actions needed to fulfill your intentions.

What a soul star clearing feels like 

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is one energy healing modality that includes a practice to specifically clear the soul star. 

Practitioners typically add a soul star clearing to the standard IET session, although, they can offer a stand-alone clearing.

The practitioner connects to your soul star chakra and then channels this energy through your crown chakra to your entire energy system.

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You may feel the energy gently coming into the crown as heat, tingles, or another sensation, but overall the clearing is subtle.

In addition, both you and your practitioner may also receive helpful intuitive messages relevant to your stated healing intention.

Why is it beneficial to have a life purpose?

Many people wonder is it important to have a life purpose? After all, according to a New York Times survey, only one-quarter of Americans "strongly endorsed having a sense of purpose and of what makes their lives meaningful."

And, yet, increasingly research findings support the claim that they are indeed important positive motivators and contributors to our quality of life and health status.

Purpose helps us authentically define our goals and act upon a calling. It more powerfully and effectively guides us through life decisions as compared to being without one, according to the Institute of Coaching.

Furthermore, greater heart health and longevity and reduced incidence of strokes are experienced among the purposeful, according to research

Interestingly, having a purpose has been linked to better sleep, greater work satisfaction, deeper and more gratifying relationships.

Unfortunately, knowing your purpose doesn't always come easily. In fact, many people search for the answer for years, if not their entire lives.

It's a challenge partly because our family, friends, educators, social media, and society all inculcate in us their own version of the right life and what leads to happiness.

And yet the critical ingredient to finding truly authentic meaning is inside ourselves and within our subtle energy. This is why the soul star and soul star clearing are foundational to finding your life purpose.

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Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is a life coach, embodied practitioner, and energy healer. She offers virtual and in-person sessions and workshops, teaches energy healing, and has an informative eBook Clearing Energy With Smudging. See more and contact her at Starchaser Integrated Coaching and Energy Healing.

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