Are Submissive Women Sexy?

Are Submissive Women Sexy?

Most men have a type when dating. We don’t often like to admit it but the simple fact of the matter is that we all have something that we’re attracted too. It don’t matter if we’re after a blonde, brunette or redhead. However it does appear we all have a secret desire. A poll conducted by international online dating site Singles Warehouse in August ranked submissive women as the most desirable women of all. So we’d like to ask the Your Tango men out there – do you think submissive women are sexy?

In the modern day we’re taught that everyone is equal, powerful and intelligent. These facts are true. There’s no disputing that a man drives just as well as sexy women or that a female business director is as capable as their male counterpart. But we all want a little submissive in our lives it would appear.

Does the thought of a submissive women in the bedroom do it for you? Do you like the idea of a woman playing the part of the submissive in the bedroom. There’s no shame in admitting it because according to the study it’s very popular. Do you want someone who’s going to give in to your demands and instructions? What is it about being in charge that fills you with sexy thoughts? Is it just the fact the guys like to be in control.

The same poll also revealed that women loved being submissive also. They enjoy being taking care of and want a big strong man to look after them. Is this a new thing in the bedroom or is it something that just makes the human race tick? Like the saying goes what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. We’d love to hear your comments below.