19 Effective Ways To Boost Your Online Dating Experience

Having trouble with online dating? These 19 tips will lead you in the right direction.

online dating couple

We all know how tough online dating is. At Singles Warehouse we want to try and make it a little easier for you. Here are 19 effective ways to boost your online dating experience, and a bonus for you to try it out:

  1. Make sure you've uploaded a profile picture and get it approved on the site ASAP. Profiles with pictures attract up to ten times the attention than those without.
  2. If the dating site you've chosen allows you to upload more than one image, do so and give people a few different perspectives of your life.
  3. Set your messaging filter to make sure you are getting messages from people you are actually interested in. There's no point receiving a message from a 20-something if you are looking for an over-40 singleton.
  4. Remember your mom telling you that it's rude not to respond? Try responding to all the messages you receive. The first one might not have been great but you never know where the conversation will lead.
  5. Try to log into your chosen dating site a couple of times a day. This will keep your profile listed as online or recently online and increase the visits you get, thus increasing your chances.
  6. Logging on and finding no one else online that takes your fancy? Is the same thing happening every day? Try mixing it up a little and signing in on a different day.
  7. Online dating is a way to meet people. If you've spent a few months online with one site and had no luck, cancel your subscription and sign up on a different website.
  8. Try out offers. Match.com frequently does free weekends and Singles Warehouse will give you a free week if you sign up. Enter code 7DAYSFREE to get started.
  9. Love playing the piano? Are you a Trekkie? Join niche sites like TrekDating.com to increase your chances of hobby sharing.
  10. Single parent looking for love? Don't post pictures of your children online. There's a time and place to introduce your children and your online profile isn't it.
  11. If your profile isn't working for you, then change it.
  12. Write more than one sentence for your online dating profile. Remember, this is your chance of finding true love so give it your best shot.
  13. Found number 13 really hard? That's okay; writing about yourself isn't easy. Consider enlisting the help of a profile writing expert.
  14. Just had a new haircut? It always makes us feel on top of the world right? Take a selfie and get a new picture online.
  15. Always be truthful with your vital statistics. If you are 41 but say you are 36 this will just lead to complications later on.
  16. Just like number 15, it's important to be truthful with what you are looking for. An example is saying you are okay with body art but secretly you can't stand it.
  17. Keep your standards at all times. One of these messages could lead to your last ever first date.
  18. You don't get it you don't ask. Found someone you like? Ask them out.
  19. And finally the best bit of advice ever. Get offline and meet. Online dating sites are a tool. Use them, but don't lose sight of the objective.

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