If A Guy Does These 3 Things, He'll Never Fall In Love With You

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How To Tell if A Guy Likes You By Watching For These 3 Things Emotionally Unavailable Men Do

It's natural to get excited about the prospect of feeling a spark with someone new, especially when you've just met a special guy you could easily see yourself falling in love with.

Unfortunately, not everyone is psychologically ready to be a part in a healthy relationship with someone they're dating.

There are some emotionally unavailable men simply won't be able to fall in love with you, as wonderful as you certainly are.

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If you've ever met a man who left you feeling riddled with mixed messages, always running hot-and-cold, you've probably wondered what it means, and whether you should wait it out or move on and never look back.

While you look forward to spending time with this guy and you both seem to enjoy each other’s company, something always seems ... off.

Trust your intuition. If your psychic radar is up, it could be trying to send you a warning sign, telling you to run while you still can.

If you're trying to figure out how to tell if a guy really likes you, here are 3 things emotionally unavailable men do that are warning signs a man will never fall in love with you.

1. Talking constantly about his broken heart.

Have you ever gone on a date with a guy, only to spend the entire evening hearing about his most recent ex or a trail of past lovers?

Men who do this can make you feel like you should put on your rescuer cape, but don’t! This guy needs to save the money he was planning to spend on dinner for seeing a therapist instead, and that therapist is not you.

Not only do emotionally unavailable men drain you, they waste your time, as well.

They are looking for someone to fix their wounded heart, but once it is healed, they will be out on the lookout for their soulmate again — and it won’t be you.

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2. Speaking with an unreasonably dirty mouth.

Are you dating a man who constantly brags about his sexual prowess and the multiple love interests looming on the horizon, ardently waiting to be with him? This is the type of person who sends unsolicited pics.

He's attempting to make you into an object of sexual obsession from the get-go. No need for respect and consideration, as this person has none for you. Not only is he being rude and disrespectful, but he's also showing signs of deep insecurity and an inability to connect on a more intimate level.

This is someone who is not ready for a real relationship ... so "run, Forrest, run!"

No need to let another minute tick by.

3. Always making excuses for being unavailable — literally and figuratively.

Have you been almost ready to give up on someone, only for them to magically appear just when you are ready to move on?

Then, as soon as you've forgiven him and gotten back together ... Poof! He's gone again!

This Houdini type is perennially unavailable. Plans with him are either non-existent or always made at the last minute. He's always rescheduling or calling you at the last minute to simply "hang out" or "Netflix and Chill."

Whenever you try to plan something with them in advance, they're either too busy or they have work issues, financial issues, ex-issues, job issues, health issues, drug issues — all of the issues!

Their issues become your tissues if you keep trying. Save yourself the tears, because it's time to free yourself.

The inability or lack of desire to invest time, energy, or money into dating you is a giant red flag.

If someone won’t go to dinner, take you around their friends and family, or stay in regular contact, then you are not important to them.

There are so many ways to stay in contact with people these days that most of us can't handle all of our messages — and this person can’t even send one?

If you're waiting on your phone's 'ping', it’s time to face the truth. No one is that busy, and if you were important to him, you would know it — and you wouldn't be reading this article.

If the man in your life is exhibiting these red flags, accept the truth and move on.

Life never gets better waiting for a bus that is not coming or looking in the rearview mirror.

Do not wait for someone else to change. Change yourself and stop being stuck on someone. Block them and dare to be happy. Dare to wait for the love you desire.

You deserve it.

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