How To Make Love And Have Rough Sex At The Same Time

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Rough Sex VS Making Love The Truth About What Women Want

Did you know that most women are just not satisfied with the "type" of sex they’re having?

Most men are into making love OR having rough sex and they never give their woman the other type. Despite what we’ve been told by the media and society, the truth is that women want BOTH!

Look, rough sex isn’t about being a mean, selfish jerk that only uses her body for his pleasure… it’s about making her feel so sexy and desired that you’re barely able to control yourself and your arousal.

And making love isn’t about some mystical, airy fairy woo woo… it’s about making her feel special, connected, cared for and loved.

And the fact is… Your woman wants BOTH!

I could share stories, research and statistics about why this is true but the only way to truly know something with certainty is to experience it for yourself. You need to SEE just how wild your woman will get when you start giving her the type of sex she’s been secretly (or not so secretly) craving and missing.

Now if you’ve been making slow, romantic love with a woman for the last 20 years, don’t break out the whips and chains just yet. That shit won’t fly.

Instead, use this "arousal confusion" sequence to give her what she deeply craves!

Have you heard of "muscle confusion"? It’s the idea that muscle growth eventually plateaus if you stick to the same exercises over and over. In order to keep your muscles growing, you need to give them something new. You need to confuse them.

The same thing is true for your sex life.

If you’re always having the same type of sex with your woman, she will get bored and she will feel like something is missing. You’ll reach a sexual plateau and her libido will starve for something new.

The arousal confusion sequence you’re about to learn is going to give her both types of sex that she’s always craved (but probably never received from the same man).

Don’t be surprised if she tells you it was the best sex she ever had. Here’s how to do it:

Here's how to make love and have rough sex at the same time. 

STEP 1: Start with passionate kissing.

Your woman loves feeling like she has the power to turn you on and get you hard. So stop kissing her like a grandpa and start kissing her like she turns you on.

Slide a hand up her back all the way up to the top of her neck. Run your fingers through her hair (where it’s closest to the skin) and grab a hand full. Gently pull her head back to expose more of her neck and start kissing it.

She’s going to LOVE feeling that she turns you on and that animal passion you bring to it will start getting her very excited… but you’re about to flip the script on her and CONFUSE her arousal by giving her what she’s least expecting.

Step 2: Switch to love-making mode.

Let go of her hair and SLOW DOWN. Pull away from her body for a second. Gently graze the sides of her face with your hands while you look her deep in the eyes and tell her how beautiful she is.

Kiss her softly and tell her how much you love kissing her soft lips. You’re now stimulating her romantic, "love-making" emotions that make her feel cared for and loved.

Do this for a couple of minutes and then…

Step 3: Return to rough passion.

Grab her around the waist and start kissing her more passionately while you press your body against hers. Start breathing a little heavier and she’ll do the same (which is a very good thing, by the way).

Tilt her head back by pulling on her hair again and RAVAGE her neck with your lips and mouth.

Step 4: Pick her up and throw her onto your bed. 

Literally pick her up off the floor by grabbing her under the thighs and wrapping them around you.

Now walk her to your bed and (gently) "throw her" down onto it. Obviously, make sure you don’t hurt her. If you can’t do this without risking injury, put her down and then push her on the bed.

Now get on top of her and keep kissing her passionately and breathing heavy. Then…

Step 5: Return to the romantic side.

Stop breathing heavy. Slow down. Look her in the eyes and tell her how gorgeous they are. Gently kiss her along the neck and nibble her ear lobe. Smell her hair, take in her aroma and tell her she smells good.

Do this for a few minutes and then return to the rough side. Go back and forth between the two a few times.

While you’re in "rough mode", spread her legs, get in between them and start grinding your groin against hers.

Remember, you’re both still fully clothed at this point and she’s already getting so horny she’s starting to lose the ability (and desire) to think straight.

Step 6: Get half naked.

Get down to your underwear. Both of you.

Now get back on top of her and slowly grind your groin against hers THROUGH your underwear. Then…

Step 7: Get rough again.

Place your hand around her neck.

Obviously, make sure you don’t choke her. But placing your hand around her neck as if you were about to and letting her feel your presence there is something that drives most women absolutely wild.

Step 8: Let her know she's loved.

Now return to the romantic side by taking your hand away from her neck and gently kissing it in the same spots she just felt your hand a moment ago.

This trick works incredibly well because you’re giving her the emotions of feeling deeply desired by a strong, confident man, and then you’re immediately showing her that she’s safe and cared for.

Step 9: Start teasing her with slow sex.

By the time you finally enter your girl, she’ll be soaking wet and craving you inside her. This is the point where a lot of guys get overly excited and just start pounding away like a jackhammer.

Don’t make this mistake.

Stay in slow-mode and turn up your girls arousal even more by slowly teasing her. Enter her with only your tip, then pull it out and rub yourself against her clit for a few seconds.

Before going back in, press your tip against her opening. She’ll anticipate your entrance and crave it more when you delay letting her have it a little.

Go back in slowly with just your tip again, then pull out. Do this 10 times and she’ll be soaked with uncontrollable desire for you!

Step 10: Give it to her rough. 

By now she’ll be insanely hungry to feel all of you inside her and she’s likely begging you to let her have more.

Slowly go in all the way and you’ll feel enormous to her.

Let her have a minute to feel all of you deep inside her then start gradually giving it to her a little harder and rougher. Keep switching between rough and slow by switching from hard, deep penetration to slow teasing.

Don’t be surprised if she comes in just a few minutes of penetration. Arousal Confusion is that powerful!

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