How To Give Her All Three (YES, THREE!) Types Of Multiple Orgasms

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Make Her Orgasm All Night Long Using These 3 Techniques

Stringing together a series of intense multiple orgasms that keep your woman coming all night long is one of the most entertaining and empowering ways to make her sexually addicted to you.

But if you don’t know the 3 different types of multiples women can have, or when to give them to her, it’s not going to happen. 

Here’s what I mean.

A lot of women think they can’t have multiples. Why? Because once she has an orgasm, her "O zone" gets EXTREMELY sensitive and the slightest touch will make her jump out of her skin.

If your girl believes she can’t have multiples, and she thinks you’re trying to give them to her, her subconscious brain will team up with her body and work together to keep it from happening. Conniving, I know. 

So how do you make it happen in spite of this cruel, pleasure denying conspiracy? Use these 3 orgasms techniques:

1. Different Types of Multiples

Let’s say you just finished using your favorite fingering technique to give her a glorious g-spot orgasm that sent her out of orbit… but you’re just getting warmed up. You still want to make her come some more, you stud.

Remember, her g-spot is incredibly sensitive and delicate right now so if you start stimulating it right away, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Instead, let her g-spot "come down" and give her a clitoral orgasm.

Tell her how sexy she looks after she comes and start slowly licking her entire vulva from the bottom to the top. Make sure you lightly graze her clit at the end of each lick.

Gradually increase the pressure you apply on her clit until she’s aching for direct clitoral stimulation. Now you can give her a clitoral orgasm with your mouth while her g-spot is recovering.

You could do this with your fingers but goddamn, she just looks so delicious after having an orgasm, doesn’t she?

By the time she has a clitoral orgasm, her g-spot will be fully recuperated and purring for another O. When you get to the 3rd and 4th orgasms, you’ll notice they get a lot stronger AND, they also take a lot less time to happen.

Keep going and you’ll notice that she starts coming before her last orgasm is completely done. This is where her orgasms start to blend together and she loses count of how many she has.

Instead, the entire experience seems like one never ending orgasm that just keeps going up and down in intensity like a rollercoaster of bliss and ecstasy.

2. Multiples of The Same Type

Now if you want to give her multiples during penetration, here’s how to do it.

Remember, once she comes, she’s going to feel extremely sensitive so make sure you TAKE YOUR TIME with this one. The trick is that once she comes, stop, but DO NOT pull out! Stay deep inside her, but stop moving.

Kiss her. Stroke her cheeks. Suck her nipples. Tell her how beautiful she is and keep stimulating her body and mind. Now VERY SLOWLY move yourself inside of her a bit… then stop.

Then move a little bit more and stop again. Your movements are so small that she can handle them and with each one, her sensitivity is decreasing.

Slowly and gradually start moving yourself inside of her and it won’t be long before you can start thrusting again just like you did when she came all around you the last time.

When she comes this time, it’ll be A LOT stronger and much, much more intense!

3. Simultaneous Multiples

This is the trickiest one to pull off because you not only have to use the right techniques, (the one’s that are going to get her off,) but you also have to time them both just right.

Practice the first method of multiples (different types,) and you'll start learning how to "read" her orgasm. You’ll learn what techniques work best for her and you’ll start noticing when she’s getting closer to orgasm and when it’s inevitable.

Once you’ve mastered both techniques and you know exactly what takes her to the edge and what push her over it, you’re simply going to combine the 2.

Bring her to the edge of one type and stop before she comes. Then bring her to the edge of the other and stop before she comes.

Do this a few times before you start using both techniques at the same time. As she approaches one type quicker than the other, just slow it down and let the other catch up. Once they’re equally timed, let them both go for one of the strongest, most euphoric orgasms of her life!

Worse case scenario, you’ll miss the mark, she’ll only have one type of orgasm and you’ll have to try again later.

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